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  1. Yes realised I was being silly:-after all how could anybody think the problem may be cause by KIS?
  2. If that was the case the software would have been hogging bandwidth before 2011 was installed not just since its installation,set host files back to windows default and see if it makes any difference
  3. I'll give kaspersky uk a call when I am home during their office hours,never had any issues at all with eariler versions of the removal tool
  4. As anybody else had issues with the latest version of the Kav removal tool?I ran it and used "remove all known products" after doing so my installation of office 2007 was corrupted(fine pre running of tool):-sorted that out after a lot of messing,it couldn't be simply repaired or easily re-installed(strange!) Yesterday I tried to run autoroute and I got the same message from that(that was a simple fix)Why has this tool corrupted these 2 other products,totally unrelated to Kaspersky(both Microsoft products though!) apart from the protection given to them by Kaspersky
  5. you can try:- 1. Open up the command line utility and enter: netsh winsock reset catalog (resets winsock entries) netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (resets TCP/IP stack) 2. Reboot your PC or if you can get to a PC to download this(does it automaticlly for you) http://windows7themes.net/download/winsockfix.bat
  6. this is why it is flagged by prevx:- http://www.prevx.com/filenames/X1377022364...NSTALL.EXE.html
  7. if you run two scans very close to each other without there having been an update to your virus defs the 2nd one is always very very quick,just wondered if the scan you posted about was the 2nd of a couple of scans you had run like that
  8. was this a 2nd scan before updating your defs after the previous one?if so few files will be scanned,only ones that have changed since you scanned last time
  9. you need to get into the control panel of your router:-you do mean you want to reset your network wireless key?
  10. take it you have w7 on mac book on seperate partition?not sure how that works as its two completely different OS's you may need to purchase another code:-may regard it as 2 computers?
  11. May do,if head office and main source of problem solving is closed they may close all the subsidiaries? I know a few years back I had a prob over our "normal" xmas period:-the UK office was closed so I phoned russia and got some help,in very good English I might add,but those days Kasperky support was by far the best you could hope for,doesn't seem as good nowadays
  12. may be celebrating Xmas on the "old" date not one on the Gregorian calender,or whatever its called before the church decided on dec 25th
  13. lisa and the staff there are usually on the ball and can sort a lot of probs out over the phone even if that means emailing a fix to you,always found it faster and better than submitting a ticket,but its your choice ps I don't use 0871 number:-have normat landline no somewhere!
  14. have you not tried phoning them:-always found that best way to contact and get things sorted out,nobody there at weekends though
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