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  1. A quick call to support solved this mystery. I had some features disabled in the Administration Server > Config Interface which is only accessible through the View menu when the Admin Server is highlighted in the console tree. This will effect which items show up in the console tree and security polices. Thank you, -dave
  2. I read that prior to my last post. Please show me a picture of Application Startup Control in a KSC10sp1 policy?
  3. I am having the same problem today. Two computers in question, one works and one does not. Both running under same policy. The one that works is Win7 the one that doesn't is Win8.1 I put an http and https exception in "Trusted URL's" for our webex site but the problem remains. Any additional advise?
  4. It is installed locally on over 60 systems running KES10sp1 I found a setting unchecked in my policy "Advanced Settings > Reports and Storages > Inform Admin Server > About Started applications. Checked it, ran an Inventory task and now more applications executables show up, but still none associated with the program in Application Registry. I can add the executables directly to a category condition now using the Add..."From the executable file lists". But how do I add a Category to "Application Privilege Control"? The help file and Admin docs reference "Application Startup Control" and adding Categories. They seem outdated from what is in my policy.
  5. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced US Edition
  6. I cannot find the executable in any of the application modules. I have run an inventory task but still no executable so I cannot add to categories. If you try to add any of the Windows Internet Explorer 7, or 8 programs in the Create a Category wizard you get an error message. (see attached)
  7. How can I prevent this version on IE from running? Regards, -dave Kaspersky Security Center Version: 10.2.434 Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 for Windows Version:
  8. I have had success in just turning off "Heuristic Analysis" for the Web Anti-Virus component. Policy > Protection > Web Anti-Virus : Security Level : Customize > Un-check Heuristic Analysis. Best regards, -dave
  9. Not sure if it will work but You may be able to use setup.ini to omit installation of the Full Scan or configure the Full Scan on a new installation and save the CFG file which can be assigned to an installation package in KSC. Setup.ini See: The setup.ini file settings Endpoint 8 - using setup.ini file on Install to turn off local scan tasks -dave
  10. Does this update affect the KSC Console? (Remote administration systems) They also use the dll's listed in the patch. -dave
  11. Ahh, thank you Helmut. Full path: Settings > Anti-Virus Protection > Exclusions and trusted applications 'settings' > Export I was looking under Settings > Endpoint control > Application Privilege Control...
  12. I'm piloting KSC9 KES8 and noticed that exclusions setup in earlier policies were not 'converted' over during the upgrade. In v6mp4 you could add exclusions to the client in a production environment from a list of running applications then export the client config file for importing into a policy through the admin kit. Do we still have this functionality in KES8? I can not find the export feature in the client or in documentation. regards, -dave
  13. Does KAV protect against this Adobe Reader vulnerability? http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advi.../apsa10-02.html
  14. I believe... Download Updates task > Properties > Settings > Updates list > Configure. regards, -dave
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