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  1. I too can confirm that KES is not ready for production. In our case, systems are slower than in using MP4. In several test scenarios, KES is installed and with every component disabled, our builds and tests run slower. So not to jump on the band wagon but we've abandoned 8.1.x for now and will either ride out MP4 until either it's time to renew our Kaspersky contract or until a production ready version becomes available. As it was posted earlier, we need a product that runs correctly right out of the gate. While I agree with an earlier post that many performance related issues can be attributed to policy settings however, we do not have the luxury of being able to provide a dedicated person to troubleshooting this same sort of problem version after version. Regards, Bruce
  2. No it did not fix the issue. Coincidentally, I have a case open with Kaspersky now where they have stated a “CritFix” has been created and will be available next week. My hope is the “CritFix” will also resolve the “Heavy Load” alerts.
  3. We see them as well however the period is about every 5 minutes. Can someone please comment further? Thank you, Bruce
  4. We're running on HP DL380 hardware, dual quad cores procs, and 8 gig ram. We are however upgrading to 16 gig so we can give SQL more ram. In regards to setting up disk sets. You'll want to ensure you have multiple raid 1 sets so you can split off your database, log files, and tempdb files. We have 3000+ clients with 4 other child AdminKits reporting in. Have fun...
  5. They are all set to "Rule works permanetly". KAV support just this morning is asking me to delete and recreate them to see if this resolves the problem. Trying that now with a few of them. Thank you, Bruce
  6. However, I can reproduce the event log warnings by clicking on the "Force" button within the Computer Relocation rule gui. Clicking force on any one of the highlighted rules, will trigger an event log warning for all of them.
  7. Yes they do match. However, only a subset of all my allocation rules are reporting in these events. Could there be something wrong with the rules? They look OK... Thank you!
  8. Hi Everyone, I just upgraded three AdkinKits to KSC 9.x and since then, and on all three, the Kaspersky event log is being filled with the following and writing multiple times per second. Because of this, I believe my clients are finding the KSC server unresponsive and have proven this when running a KLNAgent check. This is the event that is being logged... Processing HEAVY rule 'one of my branch names' ! Has anyone seen this? I called local support here in the US and they've only heard about it but do not know of any details regarding it. Thanks, Bruce
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of the multi-session enhancements for the Enterprise editions and my thought process has always been, if the server is expected to have high user i/o or high client connections, then Enterprise was the way to go. So if 75% of our servers fall into this category then why not go for all of them. If not just for the sake of convenience. Even the guidelines from Kaspersky are somewhat vague in the end... Here's the snippet from their site... “Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition can be installed on servers with different functionality: terminal servers, print servers, applications servers, domain controllers, as well as file servers which are the most infectable type due to frequent file exchange with user workstations.” I agree, we need dig deeper into the new options of KES8 but am always curious as to how others have designed their sites. Thanks again for the info and feedback.
  10. I'm curious as to what others are doing in regards to server installations. We primarily have been using 6.0.1424 on servers but do have a mix of the Enterprise version on certain systems such as DC’s, Remote Desktop Farm servers, and Exchange. My thought in moving forward is to retire the workstation version (which includes KES8.1) when it comes to server installations and roll out the Enterprise version 8.0.559. In the end, rather than having a mix, I could say that all servers are running Enterprise version and my workstations running KES8.1. I’d be interested to hear what others are doing and the reasons for that decision. Thank you, Bruce
  11. Hi Everyone, The manuals and some of the release notes make reference to supporting Windows failover yet not my rep nor support can guide me to this new feature. I've also not seen it in the product when I looked at a few weeks back. Does anyon have any clue about this feature and if it is available? The current "What's new Section" in the KSC9 admin manual still has reference to it. -Support of Windows Failover® Clustering has been added for the Administration Server. Thank you, Bruce
  12. Our scenario is exactly the same however the issue of Outlook crashing still occurs whether or not the Outlook add-ins are re-registered. Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks, Bruce
  13. I will add however, Kaspersky is not solely responsible for our pain. We let this patch rip through the company with little testing. So, we share the shame…
  14. This, along with no communication to the customer, is why we’ve begun evaluating other security products. I work in software development; I understand that issues and bugs arise. However when problems occur as large as the patch “D” issue, there’s no excuse for not communicating. I’ve worked directly with our rep regarding this issue and only when pressing the issue, did local U.S. support take the reigns in creating a quick fix. Unfortunately, the fix (as described throughout this thread) only fixed about 90% of the issues. There just seems to be a great disconnect between Kaspersky and the customer…..
  15. I believe that functionality is the "Self Defense" option found within the client and policy.
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