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  1. Lucian, if it's using RAM then it's using resources. Anyway, I think someone should shed a light around this subject.
  2. What I didn't like (and still don't) about Comodo is it's interface and rules wizard pop-ups. They said that x64 support will arrive soon, so that's good news (at least for some).
  3. Or if you like to have a firewall, get Outpost. Either way, it depends on what you want. Outpost is a firewall, KIS is an internet security. You seem like you need a firewall and it's still your choice. KIS or KAV + Outpost.
  4. I know this might be an issue. Contact Kaspersky and see what they have to say about this.
  5. I don't think it will make your computer safer if all ports are stealthed. It will make your computer safer with a proper firewall rather than stealthed ports. I don't have a firewall either stealthed ports and I'm OK .
  6. I think that I saw something similar with KAV once, but I am not sure. I think it was triggered by KAV's modules. However, I don't think that it is a problem.
  7. I saw something similar, I think, in one Microsoft hotfix description. www.vistasp1.net
  8. Yes, you don't, but it's better to use it, to remove all other doubts.
  9. We have reached an extraordinary discovery in terms of firewalls. That's why I love Outpost, honestly: I can disable everything I want and it stays that way. Plus, the Rules Wizard pop-up helps a lot in creating rules.
  10. How about not choosing a region? If that doesn't work, uninstall KIS/KAV, use the removal utility and install the latest KIS/KAV.
  11. So true. Point taken here, but still...Outpost is the best you can get right now. Comodo has it's problems, especially with the interface and the pop-ups. The Self-Defence thing is a little bit misleading by Matousec. However, he says that Kernel hooks are better than user mode hooks, which is partially true, but cause the system's instability....either way, a firewall is to filter traffic not to do a lot of unnecessary things...
  12. Probably you don't have a problem. I have seem a similar behavior. Maybe that's all that there is available for download and KIS takes only what it needs to get the update done. Don was faster .
  13. Well, if you are behind a router it is normally that the router is scanned and KIS has nothing to do with your results. Marcos_blue I think that this is a common thing. I have the exactly same problem (but I use betas in general). Maybe a hot-fix would hot-fix this problem .
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