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  1. Issue resolved by using a different key deploy method: Repositories\keys and then 'Deploy key to managed computers' works fine.
  2. Hi Ivan, INC000002696941. I was unable to upload my key, service was unavailable?
  3. It seems our key is currently blocked. The error message we receive when trying to install the license to a machine is "Key blocked by Kaspersky Lab". However, there are only 111 of 120 seats in use for this license. Can anyone help?
  4. Or do we need a different package for these kind of servers?
  5. Hi, We have a Xenapp 6.5 environment, running on server W2K8R2 servers. Is there a best practice available somewhere for the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 client, in combination with this Xenapp version?
  6. It's the same for our environment. Upgrading from KES8 to KES10 asks the users to accept the agreement after the reboot. Clean installs do NOT ask for this.
  7. Can anyone confirm if I am allowed to do the following: We have 2 locations that are not connected by VPN or any other way. The first site is completely functional with a Security Center and is servicing our clients perfectly. The second site currently has another vendors anti-virus, but we want to use Kaspersky there as well. Am I allowed to install a Security Center on this second site, and start servicing clients there by using my original license? Or is there another path I should follow? Thank you in advance
  8. Dear Helmut, thank you for your reply again!
  9. Hi, Is KSC supported on W2K12? Will install fine?
  10. Thank you Helmut, this helps a lot! You don't happen to have an example of the command switches from a running system?
  11. Helmut, Thank you, but I am aware on how to create an installation package. I am looking for a procedure on how to create a SILENT installation. 'Silent' really is the keyword here. I simply tried adding the "\qn" switch to the executable file command line, but then it fails because it does not automatically accept Terms of agreement and probably a few more things too.
  12. Thank you for taking some time to reply. I know I 'just' have to create an installation for it, however during the creation of an installation package, it does not ask you by default if you want to create a silent package or anything else. So really all I'm asking for is the 'complete' procedure on how to do it.
  13. Perhaps I did not search long enough, but I can't seem to find the correct way to create a silent installation package of the Endpoint Security 8 with help of the Security Center? I have come across some pointers towards config files, but I can't seem to find a full instruction set for it, with some 'live' examples. I'm sure this must exist somewhere? Thanks anyone for your assistance!
  14. Ok, it's indeed online again! Thanks all for your assistance, I'll have a look at this test patch for now.
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