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  1. Got it. Modify the RAMDISK.INF file to allocate additional memory space to the RAMDrive: ; ramdisk.inf ; PE Builder v3 plug-in INF ; Created by Bart Lagerweij [Version] Signature= "$Windows NT$" [PEBuilder] Name="RAMDisk [Nu2 Productions]" Enable=1 Help="ramdisk.htm" [sourceDisksFiles] ramdriv.sys=4,,1 [strings] RamDiskDriveLetter="B:" ; Approximate ; Ramdisk Hex ; Size Value ; 32 megs. 0x02000000 (default) ; 64 megs. 0x04000000 ; 96 megs. 0x06000000 ; 128 megs. 0x08000000 RamDiskDiskSize="0x08000000" I bumped to 128MB.
  2. I'm guessing the definition file size has grown larger than the TEMP directory. When I get to the bottom of my command window which shows the definitions being copied from the Rescue CD to the system memory, I get the Insufficient Disk Space Error message. Is there a way to increase the ramdisk size for the definition files? I'm guessing this is more of a BartPE issue than Kaspersky, but I thought someone might have a quick answer. Thx.
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