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  1. Hi! Using KES10 i could not figure out how to create a custom ODS where i can exclude e.g. a specific folder. Is this possible? How? Local or only via Security Center? thx, defekt!
  2. Hi Viktor, i had installed the Version 8 and it happend after a while. I'll try to recreate that environment and if it happens again i can give you remote access to the system and mobile if you want.
  3. Hi! I had KES for Windows Mobile installed on my HTC Cruise 2650 with Windows Mobile 6.1 and after a while i had a problem that the battery went down very fast. So i had to reload the cellphone each day! Since i deinstalled the KSE my cellphone battery stays for days and with less phonecalls over 1 week. I check everything before but there was no sheduled scan for the whole phone or anything else. Also i used the latest AdminKit b2134 to administrate the cellphone but as mentioned above without any rules for sheduled scans, updates etc. Is this a known bug ?! I know there was a bug in the beta of Version 7 greetz, defekt!
  4. I heard something about the 10th February for a WKS repost including 'Patch A' and more... *lets wait*
  5. Hi! Is your SQL Server on the same machine as the AdminKit ? If not you've to check if your account (running the backup task) has enough rights at the SQL server or try to make this account dbowner.
  6. soory mate wrong forum you've to ask your question in the forum for Protection for Home Users because KIS & KAV 2010 is a home-user product.
  7. Hi! Take a look at your reports to figure out which component had blocked your add-on or set the choise to 'ask user' to figure it out.
  8. You can also send the binary to Kaspersky Lab for checking: http://support.kaspersky.com/virlab/helpdesk.html
  9. Hi! Have you tried to do a Rollback-Task of update signatures? Which Version do you run 6.0.3.??? oder the ? If Blacklist is corrupt you can disable selfdefense, stop the KAV at all (maybe you've to stop also the service) and delete the entries under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP6xxx\Bases\ Restart the KAV or reboot and start the update. First you'll get a lot of errors because of issing signatures but this will be automatically fixed while running the update
  10. Hi! since you're running versión you should disable the macro scanning and the webscan component 'windows scripting host' or just disable everything except the real-time-protection and try again. Next change ist to install latest workstation version
  11. I'm sorry i really don't understand what you're problem is please describe it more detailed. thx
  12. Hi! Have you done always a snapshot back in your VM after testing the other software? otherwise i would recommend the deinstallation of Kaspersky and using the Kasperksy Remover 10 (http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279463) if you had older Kaspersky Versions installed before.
  13. Hi! you can set an exclude with path for this Winword and define which scan-component should not longer scan the winword. The Invader MSG can have many origins - try to figure out who or what wants to invade winword or if winword tries to invade some other process (this could be just normal) to set the correct exclusion.
  14. ...falls es mal mit Kaspersky nicht klappen sollte Scareware & Co. zu entfernen, dann einfach mal www.superantispyware.com einsetzen (ist kostenlos).
  15. Hallo! Da hast du was falsch verstanden, denn du updatest NICHT die Remote-Installationspakete mit den Signaturen, sondern lediglich mit den Komponenen die einen Neustart benötigen. That's it
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