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  1. Hello, Server keeps locking up when KAV file server 6.0 is installed. Removed it and now works fine. Also had issues with installing Windows updates with KAV. Any ideas Thanks Pingme
  2. Hello, So this means I will have to upgrade the admin kit I now have and re-install all my net agents correct? Would it be possiable to run both Admin kits on the same server at the same time? this way I could slowly transistion my workstations over to the new.
  3. Will all my workstations still be connected and controlled by the new Admin kit?? or will I have to upgrade the net agent on all. If so I am looking for an easy way to transition. I though if I would run both on the same server I could add all our new computers in the new admin kit logical network and keep the other worstation that need to be updated in the old.
  4. Hello, I am going to installing the newest Admin kit and I was wondering if I can install this on the same server as 5.0.0409 and run both at the same time. I am looking for an easy way to transfer all our 1800 workstations over to the new admin kit a little at a time. Thanks
  5. Hello, This turned out to be a Symantec ghost issue. http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ghost...src=bar_sch_nam A ghmon.sys file needed to be replaced with the updated version from Symantec.
  6. This is what is happening in detail 1. We have Fresh XP Pro load on systems. Flash drive works fine. 2. Install net agent 1.0 and reboot. Flash drive still works 3. Load KAV 5.0.225 and flash drive still works. 4. reboot system and flash drive no longer works with systems. The systems reboot after it is inserted into the USB port. We are going to start having our students use flash drives and so far the only way is to remove KAV. Thanks
  7. Hello, I have been noticing that on a few workstationw with 5.0.200 that the "K" get grayed out, then I look at the admin kit and the workstation kav is inactive. I then restart kav and it seems to work. What would be the possible causes for this to happen?? I happened on at least 6 workstations so far. Thanks
  8. Hello, I guess I should clairfy, I am putting Deep freeze on the clients only. So this means that the updates that are pushed to the clients will have to be put into a folder other than the default on the client. Is there a way to change that location on the client? Thanks for the replies, Pingme
  9. Hello, Looks like I will be installing deep freeze. We are not going to be using this as a Antivirus solution, so my next question is would it be possible to move the location of the updates on the local machine via the admin kit. The reason I ask is that with deep freeze I can setup a "thawspace" which will be a folder on that drive that does not get involved with the reversal changes upon reboot. Thanks
  10. Thanks, Do I also add the part "not-a-virus:"?
  11. Hello, I would like to enter some trusted riskware items in the global policy riskware. When I select add in the riskware section it wants a "riskware verdict mask". What is this?? Is this an file extension? Thanks
  12. Hello, I have about 1800 workstations in my District and I also notice the same issues with .200 remote installs. It will fail and then at that point I have to manually uninstall. Thanks
  13. Hello, My new boss is looking at dumping some of our Kav :angry: and going only with Faronics Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze is a program that when a computer is rebooted the system returns back to the original state. http://www.faronics.com/html/deepfreeze.asp - does anybody have some good facts on how I could sway his decision?? Thanks
  14. Thanks, problem is resolved. It turns out my username was deleted from the KLAdmins group.
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