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  1. When I am at newegg.com, parts of the overview are blocked. The reviews won't come up either. Both are stuck on "loading." Pausing KIS protection eliminates the problem. I have the latest KIS downloaded and installed.
  2. Every time I do a full scan, I get an error message that the OS is "not presently configured to run this application." I OK the error out and full scan seemingly runs OK. OS is: Win7 Pro EDIT: Just updated KIS to the latest version but error message still persists.
  3. Internet Explorer too, is getting some weird popups from safe money still. Oh well. How does one know when newer versions of KIS come out? Sure would like to get an update if it fixes safe money.
  4. Firefox still screws up and I had to remove all but one web site in my safe money list to get IE to stop screwing up. At least I think it might have stopped screwing up. Rarely use safemoney any longer with just one in the list.
  5. What I meant in my previous message, I wonder if my comp is safe now with all these problems that the new 2015 version of KIS has compared to the 2014 version. What else could be going on wrong that I do not actually see now???
  6. Not very happy w/ Kaspersky support. Responses I get are from different people that seem to not have even read the previous posts and replies. Asking me to do the same things again. Nothing they suggested did any good much less cured any of the problems. I figured out the problem myself with IE browser. Enabling 3rd party browser extensions seemed to help and make IE work. But the problem of safe money popping up intermittently at non financial web sites plus not in my safe money list still persists. Was told that the latest version of Firefox was not compatible??? Deleting most all sites in my safe money list has stopped the problem. But that is not a solution to me. Oh well. KIS 2014 worked so perfect. I don't use safe money that much but I think I might be thinking twice when my KIS subscription starts to run out.
  7. Just emailed back to support that the latest fix they suggested did not work. My incident number is: Support INC000003578029
  8. Am I gonna have to remove amazon.com from my list in safemoney? I use excite mail at times and I get popups that have excite.com references like the above popup has amazon.com. Having to remove so many web sites makes safemoney seems kind of pointless. I already removed newegg.com. Amazon and newegg are sites that I shop at sometimes too.
  9. It is happening again. This is the safemoney page that popped up when I linked to an article at techdirt.com. It has happened a few more times too at various web sites. saved_again.zip
  10. I removed the mail.yahoo.com/ address from the list and so far everything seems to be working OK. I can browse CNET now without any safemoney popups. And so far no popups anywhere else either. Hope it stays that way. :b_lol1:
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