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  1. Hello all. I have a general question regarding viruses on external media, specifically thumb flash drives. Is it possible, even after scanning with KAV 2014, that there could exist a virus on this thumbdrive, or, it could "do it's thing" before KAV can actually detect it?

    Ok, this sounds a little paranoid but here is the deal. I provide people with photos on usb thumbdrives and I got an email from the supplier that a batch may have issues with not being readable or may have viruses (installed from the factory...how's that for nasty) (not every thumbdrive, just possibly the odd one), and that I should not use them and/or let everyone who got one from me know that they may be an issue.

    Since I scan everything by default, even blank drives, are they safe? There can't possibly be something on them that KAV did not see or something that jumped into my computer that KAV cannot see or detect? I know this sounds paranoid but I have no idea how these things work. By the way, KAV on my computers regularly perform rootkit scans and I've done a scan of my computer and all other removable drives.

    I've seen responses before to the tune of "no antivirus will detect anything" and that's maybe true but not comforting.

    I'd appreciate it if someone could drop by here and let me know that everything is ok.

    And if it matters, I use win7-64 and Kav2014 and naturally everything is kept obsessively up to date and is running well.

  2. We don't know what is going to be messed up, or if you can put it back.


    We don't do unsupported modifications in this section of this forum.


    Unsupported modifications are not tested, and can lead to application and system instability and functional deficiencies.


    Therefore, they are not posted in this section of this forum.


    Therefore, this topic thread was moderated. :)


    Official answer: If you want to remove history entries, un and re install Kaspersky.


    Fully supported info is here: http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2013/reports and here:



    Right. Mucking with important things like my antivirus that I depend upon is not something I want to do. I definitely will just live with it as uninstall/reinstall is a bit of work and really, it's just a number on a window which reminds me that KAV did it's job.

  3. I'm using KAV2013 but I suppose the file structure is the same? I just navigated to that folder and do see a folder referencing the date the nasty tried to beat KAV and lost. I'm guessing that if I go through all this to delete it, it won't mess anything up and if so, I can put it back? Seems like a lot of circumvention to go to and it would be nice if KAV would have a "reset" button. Thanks for the reply.


    edit: del quote.

  4. As far as I know, there is no way to clear this short of uninstalling and reinstalling. The Detailed Report can be cleared but this window with the "donuts" cannot.


    Thanks for the confirmation. I figured this might be the case so I just have to learn to live with looking at it and knowing it was in the past and not relevant. I can also change the report period once this incident has faded into the past to show me just the past month or so and it'll be all clear.


  5. A few days ago KAV 2013 did a good job of protecting me from an iframe, blocking a website but leaving me with this report listing. I've deleted reports in the usual fashion (settings-reports-clear) but this report is still listed on the report window. I know I am nitpicking but I'd like to see it gone. The reason is that if I have it all clear, it's easier to notice when something is wrong as I won't see all "zeros". I've looked and looked all over the KAV website as to how to actually clear this window, not just the reports and if there is a way, it eludes me. Is there a way to clear this up and if so, how? Thanks for any advice.


  6. I am having an issue today with the updates, my KAV 2012 is not updating, the last time it updated was 02/04/2013 5:31 pm. When I manually update the signatures stay the same.

    Application version: database released 02/04/2013 5:31 pm.

    The screen is telling me that my database has not been updated for a long time. But the icon is still green. Is it still safe to go on the internet when this happens?

    Manual download says at 0 KB when downloading.

    I have rebooted twice not, and updated again, but nothing.

    Is Kaspersky having an issue. I noticed a couple days ago my patch went from (k) to (l).


    My time and date are correct.


    Thank you.



    I have nearly the exact same issue. I too have the same date/time of the update but worse still, no matter how many times I update (and the logs show updating and that it's successful), the main gui keeps telling me that the databases are out of date with a yellow exclamation point. Earlier today, I noticed Kav turned itself off and also said my license was invalid. After a huge update (around 8mb), all was well. Until the next update when I find myself in this situation. Ugh.

    Note my signature lists my win7 computer but this issue is on my winxp computer. I haven't turned on my win7 computer today so I don't know if it's happening there as well. My wife still uses winxp on her laptop and it has the same issue saying she hasn't updated "in a long time" even though kav is set to auto update hourly.

  7. So, don't get me wrong...I've tried competitors and found KAV has done a good job of protecting me for years now with fewer hassles than "the other guys".

    However, with all due respect I think KAV2011 is getting a little out of hand. I know there are many threats that change by the minute and KAV is just trying to stay one step ahead of those nasties but in some cases, it's being a bit of a pain.

    I mean, seriously, when it has to tell me that my huey pro, Canon EOS utility software among others is "legal software that acts like a virus...." and so on, that's a bit much. And then to have to spend an hour trying everything under the sun including numerous reinstalls to get it to ignore dvdfab instead of throwing every exe component of it into quarantine (including the uninstaller) as either trojans or whatnot is nuts. I just hope the next time I turn on the computer (win7 64 bit, KAV2011 latest build) that dvdfab is still there. I won't complain should the day arise when it saves me from an honest to goodness virus and I'd rather have it on my computers than "the other guys" but holy toledo it's becoming a chore to deal with when it comes to honest programs.



  8. I appreciate the bit of help offered so far and I know some people will think I'm crazy (and you may very well be right) but I've decided to roll back to ver.2009 for just a while longer.

    It's not so much this issue (which I think might be a leftover from some software trials...perfectly clear possibly) but I've had a problem occur with the random (after every update) rootscans. It deleted some data from a minor game program while I was playing it. I don't want to think what might happen if I'm rendering a movie in roxio.


    I just thought it'd be the polite thing to do to let everyone know that you shouldn't waste too much time on this thread as it's not something I'm dealing with anymore.


    I guess it can be closed. Thanks anyway.

  9. I'll add my name to the list of unhappy people.

    I just had a scan happen (and yes, I have gaming checked) and I lost some data from the game. I hung up and then I lost all score data. I'm not impressed. I loathe to think what will happen if I'm in photoshop, dreamweaver, roxio (rendering a movie) or some other intense program when KAV decides it's time to do a scan and something important gets messed up.

    You know, there's protecting me and then there's going too far.

    Add my name to the list of people that think that scanning every few hours is ludicrous. KAV has to give us the option to turn that off.

  10. Thank you for the reply.


    My main KAV screen actually is yellow, telling me that there's potentially unwanted software detected and my security is at risk.


    I'm assuming KAV errs on the side of caution here.


    Regarding your last statement, I'll assume that I can tell KAV to ignore this for now and my status should return to "green" and if it truly is something unwanted and tries something funny, KAV should still stop it (?).


    Naturally, I make sure my definitions are constantly updated. What's the point of having a Ferrari and not putting gas in it?

  11. Hello. I've only found one other thread with this. There may be more but I have a question about it.

    I did my first full system scan today with KAV 2010 that I just installed. I was told I have two instances of legal software that criminals could use.


    It calls them hiddenobject.multi.generic and the path is to C:\ and the name is just a bunch of letters and numbers. (this is seen when I look at "detected")

    The detailed report tells me what was scanned and so on and protection, objects scanned and so on for everything else tells me that I am virus free.


    I do have mbam installed (not running full time and actually have it for the day I hope doesn't happen when I may need it) and wonder if that's it. And I guess there are a few other things I have like RealTemp that it could be.

    I just think it's a little odd to detect legal software and judge it potentially dangerous.


    Is there harm in neutralizing it? Can I restore it if the program that it depends on fails?

    Is there harm in just telling KAV to ignore the message and if it does try to do something "bad" will KAV stop it?


    Man, life just gets more complicated by the day, doesn't it?

  12. Yesterday it was business as usual too as this issue was cleared up by KAV.

    However, today there's a new twist. It's a rare thing and I've seen it before;not all components were updated as some update is corrupt. I've usually just updated again and all is well. Today I've tried for an hour and no joy. Hopefully it'll get cleared up soon. Just a little disappointed to see two problems so soon together. In the big scheme of things I guess it's not such a big deal but av programs are so important it's expected that they are bullet proof. I guess nothing really is.


  13. I forgot to mention in my previous post two things.

    One, it happens only after a boot up.

    Two, the situation is preceded by a quick popup from KAV. It's something about open ports and it wants to shut them (in 30 seconds or something like that) and asks me if I agree. I do and that's when I get the protection shutting down and asking to update again.




    Interesting. I've had the same problem today (my wife on her laptop has not). I'm still using ver.2009. My license runs out in a month and I have a new one for ver. 2010 which I'll install in a few weeks.

    Anyway, I find it curious that I've suddenly got the same thing going on today as a few others. The thing I found most curious is the "license invalid" line and then of course it goes away when the new update is done. Can't think of what's causing it as I've done nothing unusual and KAV has been running fine for at least a year as I can remember the last time I renewed the license. I may try a "repair" if it persists re:Rich's advice.


  15. Just for the heck of it I ran the gsi tool to look into my system. Other than the updates that I need, I was concerned when I was told that I have a possible infection by a possible trojan, comver.dll residing in my temp folder.

    KAV tells me it's not anything out of the ordinary and just by co-incidence, I downloaded and ran malwarebytes just yesterday and it too says my system is pristine. Google searches are useless as some links spout utter doom while most say it's harmless. I have more faith in the opinions of the forum leaders here. I'd appreciate you setting my mind at ease.


    P.S. here's the gsi url http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c39d31&ms=0


    Thanks in advance.

  16. I was actually concerned for the moment more with the fact that there was an unknown (but seemingly harmless?) alteration of the host file. With a reinstall of all adobe products, it's no longer there.


    Other than that, even to my untrained eye, the report doesn't seem to indicate anything odd (all green) and my new report (haven't uploaded it cause it's no different other than the host file not being 'altered'), is pretty much the same. I'm going to wait a few days or so and maybe do another report, just to be sure nothing odd is happening.


    Just to reiterate though, my system is not slow. It is just slower than before this new build. It isn't so slow when KAV is off (which is probably normal for any antivirus).

  17. Yeah well, I found my "problem" when I checked out the build number. I'm now using Before my system wipe (upgrading to new bigger drives, not because the system was pooched), I was using


    I'd say that KAV is starting to bog down and just isn't as sleek running as it used to be. I'm not knocking it as I've used other programs in the past and KAV is superior but I guess that's life when you have a computer and antivirus needs to get bigger and stronger to battle those nasty threats.


    I know people still using ver 7 and it's sleeker, but them's the breaks if you want more security....gotta use 8 and put up with it.



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