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  1. Thanks for providing this information. I had .NET 4.0 installed on Win 7 x64 Pro and my webpage loading was intermittently slow. Sometimes, I'd have to wait 20-30 seconds before the page would display. I uninstalled .NET 4.0, installed .NET 4.5.1 and reinstalled Kaspersky and updated to patch b and rebooted twice. It's now been several days and this problem I'm now happy to say is fixed for me! Hopefully others will have the same luck as it's been pretty frustrating. :cb_punk:
  2. Yes, I'm having issues printing from within Safe Money as well. I formally submitted a support ticket today through MyKaspersky account. You should do the same to ensure the developers know of the issue and can prioritize the issues. Regards, jambalto
  3. Myself and several others are reporting this very same issue with printing. Will have to wait for some type of update from Kaspersky most likely.
  4. All, My apologies for wasting bandwidth. I seem to have failed in my due diligence in not thoroughly reviewing all previous KIS2013 postings. It would appear after reviewing the forum entries that others are also experiencing issues with printing when using Safe Money. I'll idly standby until Kaspersky or another poster can provide a suitable work around or bug fix patch. Regards, Jambalto
  5. Greetings, When I access my secured sites using Safe Money in KIS2013, I just noticed while paying bills online for the first time that I can't seem to print from within the secured browser. I've tried several sites and when I make an online payment and go to print my receipt with a confirmation number for my payment I get a script pop-up that says "Invalid handle" and it won't print. I'm using IE9. Haven't tried FF to see if the problem exists with that browser. Also, if I go to the same secured sites without using Safe Money, I am able to successfully print out my confirmation receipts. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Regards, Jambalto
  6. Hmm, for some reason the version didn't post correctly. My 3 PCs are all showing version b as the version
  7. Whizard, Thank you for your quick reply and acknowledgement. Yes, I've checked all the PCs and they are reporting KIS2010 version Regards
  8. Greetings Moderators, Been with Kaspersky since version 7 and have enjoyed the protection. I have been noticing within the past 2-3 weeks that I randomly get a "license violation" error on one my PCs. Not the same PC, it seems to move around between the PCs. I have 3 systems and have purchased a 3 license version from the online store. Under KIS2009, I never had any problems with licensing on these exact same PCs. I installed KIS2010 recently and that is when I started seeing the issue. I performed clean "complete" unistalls, followed by a reboot and full install and entered my license activation code and all goes thru normally. Then a few days later it seems that if one of the other PCs gets rebooted for whatever reason (i.e. Microsoft Updates, etc.) one of the other PCs presents a "license violation". Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm just looking for an acknowledgement that this is a known problem and that it is being investigated. I understand it may take time to develop a fix if this is indeed a known issue. Here's the layout of my 3 PCs in question: PC#1 Toshiba Laptop with 1 wired NIC, 1 wireless NIC PC#2 Gateway desktop with 1 PCI wired Realtek NIC, onboard NIC broken and disabled within the BIOS setup utility. PC#3 HP desktop with 1 wired NIC. The majority of the time, the "license violation" occurs on PC#1. However, I have seen it on PC#2 twice, and PC#3 once. Thanks in advance for advice or comments. Regards
  9. Greetings, I've installed the 30 day trial version for a family member and they really like the product. They've purchased the retail box. What's the easiest way to turn the trial version into a permanently licensed version using the activation key in the retail box? Thanks in advance for your assistance. This forum has been a great source of information thus far. Regards
  10. Thanks to firestorm70 and rudger79 for your replies. Yes, I had reviewed that knowledge article after my relative had already purchased the retail box. I really like KIS2009 and have recommended it to others. Only problem, this time I forgot about them using WinXP Media Center and wanted some extra assurance before opening the box. I might go ahead and have them download the 30 day free trial and see if it installs and works fine. If not, they can uninstall and return the unopened box for a refund and not be out any money. The only problem there is they would be forced to use an alternative product which I feel would be inferior to KIS. Thanks to all for your replies. Regards
  11. Greetings, I've recommended Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 for a family member and just realized they are using Windows XP Media Center. That OS doesn't appear to be listed on the System Requirements. Can one of the moderators please confirm if KIS2009 will work with this OS? The family member has already purchased the product, but they haven't opened up the retail box yet and we are just looking for confirmation if this OS will work fine or not. Otherwise, we'll have to return the product as an OS upgrade is not an option at this time. Thanks in advance for any replies. Regards
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