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  1. Can you tell me what you did to fix this problem? I am having the same problem. I am using windows XP and never had the many problems with Kaspersky as I am now. I recently paid for another 3 years and I had to install the latest version for the new key to work. I also been using Kaspersky for many years. I would like to go back and use the older version that runs in the background and does it job and leaves me alone!
  2. I have a multi license. I have Kaspersky installed on two computers. I have been with Kaspersky for many years. I renewed one of my computers December 30, 2015 without any problems. I am now trying to renew my other computer but having many problems. First it would not accept the renewal key. I forgot what the exact message was but I think it would not work with the version that is installed. It is 2013. I am trying to log into my account but I keep getting password is not correct error. I submitted a password reset but am not getting the email to reset password. I am really annoyed at how difficult it is to update my computers. What happened to my email and password at Kaspersky? What does it take to get my other computer updated?
  3. I have been using Kaspersky for years. I have version I am having the same problem. My son can not access the internet. Just happened. No settings have been changed. The only way to get him back on the internet is to disable the parental control which I don't like. Has this problem been resolved?
  4. I manually clicked on update in my update center within Kaspersky and after it installed the updates the images showed up again. I'm not sure if its coincidence or not but there may have been an earlier Kaspersky update that was causing this problem.
  5. I don't have any of those on. I shutdown Kaspersky and the images load up fine. Load up Kaspersky and they disappear again. That is what makes me think there is something in Kaspersky blocking those images somehow.
  6. While surfing Google Shopping the images do not show up anymore. This just started today and it doesn't matter if I use Firefox or IE. It only does this while in google shopping. Google images works fine and images everywhere else work fine it's only from google shopping. Could Kaspersky cause this?
  7. Anyone have any information on this problem? How long does it take support to get back to you? Should I uninstall and install another product while I wait? Or should I just leave my Kaspersky un-updated run and let my computer get infected with a virus while I wait?
  8. Anyone know why mine and others activation keys are no longer any good?
  9. I have a thread started with this exact same problem. I just contacted support and gave them the necessary information along with screen shots.
  10. My system date and time are correct on both computers. I followed the instructions and when I go to upload the sysinfo.txt file it says "Upload failed. The file was larger than the available space" This is getting frustrating. I pay for something and can't use it!
  11. From kaspersky.com December 21, 2009. I have been using kaspersky for many years and have it on both of my computers and both are now saying "Incorrect activation date" and the update no longer works until I put in an activation code. I reentered the code from the email I got from kaspersky and it still says Incorrect activation date. I think kaspersky gave me a loopy activation code.
  12. I renewed my license a couple of weeks ago and just now kaspersky is saying Incorrect activation date and wants me to renew license or activate new license. I already did this. Do I have to pay for another license? Why is it doing this?
  13. It shows it in detected threats in reports. It shows it the same as the OP says but I can't find anywhere that will tell me what it is that kaspersky is calling riskware.
  14. Is there any way to see what program or file kaspersky is calling riskware?
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