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  1. Hi everybody. Sorry to necrobump this thread, but i have the same problem as yours, just with exchange 2003 on a windows 2003 server. It appears that, after definitions update, a scan occurs, and contextually exchange users report a connection loss. I scheduled definitions update at night, but yesterday it happened again in the afternoon after two weeks of no problems. I even added exchange db directory in the exclusions with no success. I'm adding a screenshot for your convenience, just to have some advice by you on the exclusions i added. "Qualsiasi" means "every component". Uploaded with ImageShack.us (the hidden lines are some of our own softwares, i removed them not to distract ) BTW: the original post of mine is this. Thank you!
  2. thanks, the link that was dead is now working again. Looks like my report to kaspersky got noticed! Regards.
  3. Hello, i can't uninstall Kav Workstation from one of our windows xp clients. Uninstalling via control panel fails since the installer asks for a missing *.msi during install. Uninstalling via admin kit fails since the task shows as completed but the antivirus is still there. I've been trying to get the removal tool, but the link to the download on this page is dead (shows a "forbidden" message). I got the tool from a mirror (french support site) and it is in german. Altough it detects the installed antivirus, clicking what it should be a "proceed" button shows some fast operations and a confirmation, but after reboot the antivirus is still there. I've been trying to remove the program with this tool in safe-mode as well, with no success. Any clue? Thank you
  4. Good evening. I'm reporting a severe problem with our Kaspersky for Fileservers installation on a Windows 2003 R2 sp2 + Exchange 2003 SP2 installation. Every time kaspersky is updating its definitions, it simply cuts exchange connections serverside. We noticed this after users notifications: every user noticed that their outlook showed a notification of "connection with exchange has been lost". This problem occurs just during update installation, and for a small amount of time (connections recover some seconds after). We temporarily fixed this scheduling update task at night, once per day. Kav version Thanks!
  5. Hello, we deployed Kaspersky version with admin kit 8.0. On some clients we're having strange problems with outlook. In particular, there's a client with outlook 2003 sp3 that just becomes heavily clogged after startup (avp cpu usage 30%). After opening a message, cpu usage jumps to 100% making the pc totally unresponsive. Killing Outlook gives no results, and any try to disable Kav from admin kit fails, requiring a reboot. How can we operate?
  6. I confirm it worked for me as well. What caused this? Could it happen again?
  7. Check out this solution here, it worked for me! I tested it 5 minutes ago. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=1368621
  8. Same here. It doesn't appear to stop either, i have to kill the process since it slows down everything. Kaspersky Admin Kit 8.0.2090.
  9. I second that. Although it's a "working" solution, especially in my case, it's generally limiting flexibility quite much. What if a user wants to add some kind of special exclusion on his client? Does he need to pick up the phone and call the kav admin to add it for him? What i'm wondering is: why is there a need to force the policy to make it get applied?
  10. Thank you guys, your solution worked! Have a nice day!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm in need to exclude a certain directory present on each client of my network from being scanned by each Kaspersky Workstation client. Having a network of more than 50 clients, i'd like to take advantage of Kaspersky Administration Kit policies. So, i proceeded this way: new policy Settings In the dropdown menu "Protection" Trusted zone Exclusions At this point i added this path: "%ProgramFiles%\program_directory\*.*", selecting all tasks. Then the policy has been applied. Sadly, no client is obtaining this setting, although the policy shows as "correctly applied". I guarantee that the policy is working since any modification to other settings is immediately visible. This is my configuration: Kav Admin kit 6.0 Kav Workstation v6.0 Thanks for help!
  12. Hello, recently i've been encountering some weird problems on a Kaspersky Administrator Kit installation on a client's server (windows 2003 standard sp1): every now and then the client's reporting me that all kaspersky workstations updates are not being received. Looking at Kav kit i noticed that the cause has to be found in "get update from kav main server" task disappearing. Trying to add the task back ends in a "unable to add new task" error. After contacting Kav support i've been given a simple batch that acts on SQL database, erasing some corrupted / duplicated records and allowing me to add a task. The solution is somehow good, but i'd like to solve this once and for all, if possible! Kav version: 6.0.1572 (ita) There are no more recent version, sadly. Thanks for your support.
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