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  1. Hello i confirm that any resolution is supportted through microsoft remote desktop connection 1440x900 is working also just adjust option in the remote utility to full screen when i check the system am able to see 1440x900 is the resolution .thanks for the help
  2. Hello i have send it but didn't receive any reply from KL CentralSupport can you check the case if they received the needed files and if they are working for a solution thank you .
  3. Hello i will send the file to the inbox for you . thanks
  4. Hello thanks for the quick reply i cant change the resolution due to vm environment and i want to see what is user doing (remote viewer ) .
  5. just an info am able to manage inside my domain outside my domain am not able ,cause their is no trust between domains , my question is do i supposed to be able to manage even is no trust ,cause the agent is installed , my license is total space security . thank you
  6. yes am able credentials windows appear to enter
  7. my question is if the agent installed i have the control on the machine right ?? even if am logged on the security center with a user don't have admin rights on the wanted machine (another different site but connected to the AV server ) am supposed to have control on all services on the targeted machine with through the agent or not ?? thank you
  8. thanks for the reply ,well am able to do tasks my problem i cant view Computer management option in the custom tools is their a way use Kaspersky credentials to use this option ??
  9. Hello i have separated domains on the first domain i have the av server and on the second domain the workstations joined on it connect to the first av server their is no trust between the 2 domains i noticed that when deploying agent on the workstations joined on the second domain that there is kladmins created i wonder if can create a user have admin roles in this group so i can manage services and logs on workstations without making trust between the 2 domains . thankss
  10. Hello thanks for the reply am using the latest 10.2.434 so what i will do is switch off the old security center then give them new server the old ip address then deploy security center then restore database then restart the server and all the workstations will be online right at the new security center is this way right please confirm for me thankk you .
  11. Hello i have a security center on physical machine i want to move it on virtual machine into a new clean environment ,please i need steps ,can i just install the security center on the new clean windows and import the database then configure the same IP address after i shutdown ,any other advice's or ways i can do the steps thanks
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