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  1. My experience is you have to enable parental control on ALL accounts (even your own) to get that warning to go away. However, you can go in and set "adult" accounts so it doesn't do anything (or else you can just ignore the warning!).
  2. Hey Egor, thanks. The problem is that even PayPal, which previously opened automatically protected (no action by me) from whichever site used it for payment, now always opens unprotected. Another site I did add manually also now does not work. It seems related to the change to Kasperksy Protection, from the old plugins, but I can't be sure. I have tried enabling and disabling Safe Money and the Kasperksy Chrome plugin, neither helped. I'm stuck trying to thing of what to do next.
  3. Safe Money does not seem to be working with Google Chrome here. The version I am using is 35.0.1916.153 m. Kasperksy is at (f). Following a search of this forum I have checked that Kasperksy Protection IS enabled. I have checked with Paypal and another payment site I have manually installed. Unlike previously, no new protected browser window opens, the site opens in a regular Chrome tab, as though Safe Money was not installed. Any suggestions?
  4. I really appreciate your offer to help, but after months of KIS 2011 issues I have lost patience. And this is with over a year remaining on my licence. Quite apart from the BSODs and this Outlook "hang" problem, KIS (2010 and 2011) causes the System File Cache to grow to fill any available RAM, with 64-bit W7, when validating a large backup after creation. This causes all but the "locked" core of the OS to be paged out and makes the system unresponsive to the keyboard during validation. Pausing KIS protection (or using MS Security Essentials) solves the problem. I just cannot afford the time to pursue all this different issues that really should be solved by QA prior to release. As a previous fan of Kaspersky this sad state of affairs disappoints me greatly. :icon20:
  5. I was having the same problem with Outlook 2010 (32-bit version). All would work for a while, then Outlook will hang and bring the whole system down with it. Mouse still moves, desktop is still shown, but nothing else works, not even ctrl-alt-del. Only option is to press the rest button. To be honest, I've just got bored with all these problems with KIS 2011, even using Build 556 and I've installed MS Security Essentials instead. In the last couple of weeks I've started to suffer random BSODs too that according to the sticky now look like KIS may be responsible. The workaround to use a test update server is hopeless. For such a serious issue caused by a database update I'd expect it to be properly fixed within hours. I understand problems caused by new builds of the core app might take longer, there is always the option to regress, but not with databases. Anyway, enough of the OT rant. Maybe when 2011 is really fixed i will return, but for now its marginally better protection is just not worth these nightmare problems. Kaspersky QA needs some serious attention.
  6. I think they said the reason for the delay is that the install package for 556 is troublesome. For the record I have now install the Softpedia version and after only a few hours of use all is looking good. I had already removed build 400 by this time! I uninstalled 2010 including all settings except activation data, rebooted, then reinstalled 2011. The whole process could not have been more of a breeze! I'm using Win 7 Pro x64.
  7. Thanks for the Softpedia idea. I may have to try that. I really don't like doing it, but what are we to do?
  8. Thanks. Much as I thought. As I said, I've regressed to 2010 anyway, due to problems with 2011. Please Kaspersky, get this update out soon. It is almost 2 months now since 556 was "signed off".
  9. I have previously tried build 400 with bad results and am back on KIS 2010. Acronis believe KIS 2011 should fix a problem with the W7 system file cache growing uncontrollably and wish to test. Build 556 seems to get good reports, but I see 400 is still the currently available download. Will KIS updated itself to 556 once 400 is installed or must we wait longer for the final updated release? It seems to be a very long time coming now after withdrawal of the beta. If we must wait longer for the official release, I think there was a short period when a commercial release of 556, using commercial licence, was available. Can it still be obtained somewhere?
  10. It sure would be good if Kaspersky UK could get round to putting this Critical Fix up on their site. I upgraded on the 21st and only found the 0.232 build. I checked again today (24th) and STILL only the 0.232 build is shown. I ended up downloading from Kaspersky Australia! Note: the UK are promoting 2011. It is the recommended product for new purchasers., it's just that they are recommending the wrong build!
  11. Yes, great work Kaspersky. I knew my PC had slowed, but i'd forgotten how fast it could be! Amazing improvement.
  12. Read the first post of this thread, which I opened. Yes, I am talking about KIS. Your problem sounds different.
  13. I got around the problem in the end (no thanks to Kaspersky support) by doing the exact opposit of wjhat they recommend. I use Spam "scan on receiving" instead of "Use Microosft Office Outlook rule". I have been using for months now and it completely solves the problem, although if you log onto mail after a few days you do have to give Outlook aminute or so to import the mail and scan for spam. Spam mails appear in your inbox for a brief period while they are all scanned.
  14. Sorry if this has been addressed before. I have search the forum and whilst I find numerous references to problems with Outlook (some suggesting it is specific to IMAP), I have found no solution. Frequently when starting Outlook or returning from sleep after some time Outlook will hang permanently either in send/receive or "synchronising folders". Even manually killing the application and restarting does not help - it hangs again. The only solution is to pause KIS protection and then kill and restart Outlook. Always then Outlook loads fine. It has not always been this bad. It has always hung but it used to be infrequent. I am not sure if the current problems are due to some spam in my folders that Outlook does not like, or if it is a recent update to Outlook or KIS that is causing problems. I have tried purging my folders of all spam/unnecessary mail but the problem returns. It is hard to know if this is due to any new troublesome mails or simply the problem never went away. All my KIS settings are pretty much at default. I am running Vista 32-bit SP1 (fully patched) and KIS The same problem existed with the previous version, in fact I upgraded hoping it might fix this issue. Right now I am very close to having to turn off anti-spam. Any help would be very gratefully received!
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