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  1. No, it just came with my KIS program as stated in my post and although in your link it says, 'country of selection is unavailable' for the first 6 months that i used it it automatically went from country to country every time i used it. This suddenly stopped a week ago.
  2. Hi everyone As a new user of KSC which comes with my KIS program, I like to use it when I am connecting to website which are sensitive and have my personal details. In the last few weeks I have noticed that the supposed randomly chosen virtual server has been just the same country over and over, whereas before it chose randomly from a selection of about 6 or so countries. Is that fair? I have paid [even though it is inclusive of my package] for this service and I am sure it is done this way in order for users to upgrade to the next level. And mine is not a free package, it is paid for. I am totally annoyed by this and I believe it is profit driven. What do others think? Kind Regards Chris
  3. Hello, I hope someone can help I have to complete an online document which has some drop-down lists which need to be filled in, but it is not clickable and I cannot type in it. Could my Kaspersky Internet Security be preventing this? TIA Chris
  4. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it. I don't visit suspect websites so hopefully all's OK.
  5. Hello I hope someone can help me. When I click on a link, I get the following written on the tab; (gif image 1x1 pixels) and a black page, nothing else. I seem to have this happen regularly and would like to know whether this is a security or privacy feature of Kaspersky causing this? Thanks in anticipation Chris
  6. Hi everyone. Hopefully someone can help me. I run FF as a browser and on some websites, when I click on a link I get a very quick load of the page and then it disappears- completely blank. It also happens in IE. Is Kaspersky responsible, is it blocking a website unbeknown to me? I run Kaspersky Internet security 2015; and the latest updates to IE and FF. I only have Kas add-ons; i.e dangerous website blocker, safe money and virtual keyboard. I have tried disabling them one at the time, but it makes no difference. I have no other add-ons. Can you help?
  7. Hi Charles. Thankyou for that. I ran the flash player removal tool and nos. 1, 2 and 6 on the list are now gone. I don't have any more than the one or older versions of java so still have nos 3,4 and 5 on the list (above) which I can't get rid of and Microsoft/ Windows update don't bring up any missing patches. :angry: Chris
  8. Hi Baz I downloaded the latest version of Adobe flash player VS as per your link- no difference, still detected by Kaspersky in the next full scan X I went to download the Windows security updates but no crital updates were found, however the next full scan still detected the vulnerabilities X I down loaded the Microsoft office updates- result- OK- no longer detected by scan √ Confused Chris
  9. Hi richbuff. Here are the description links (didn't know they were called that untill I read one of the posts) I have also added the object files as some of the links are the same and I need to know which downloads are for which files?? Am I sounding as clear as mud? TIA Chris (Christina) vulnerability http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/32270 C:\windows\system32\macromed\NPSWF\32.dll vulnerability http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/32270 C:\program files\ulead systems\Ulead DVD movie factory4.0\Ulead DMF launcher 2.0\flash.ocx vulnerability http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/23655 C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft MSXML2_6bd6b9abf345378f_4.2.9848.0_x-ww_1b897e9 vulnerability http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/23655 C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft MSXML2_6bd6b9abf345378f_4.2.9841.0_x-ww_1817121 vulnerability http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/23655 C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft MSXML2_6bd6b9abf345378f_4.2.9818.0_x-ww_8ff50c5d vulnerability http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/31744 C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\OFFICE 11\MSO.DLL
  10. Hello I really need help with learning how to deal with vulnerabilities. I have read another post but am unable to follow it. My detection record shows that I have 6 vulnerabilities with 2 mod dangerous and 4 dangerous. I am used to my previous antivirus software doing it all for me automatically, so can't understand why I have to deal with them myself. It is another thing I don't need. However, I have right clicked on the vulnerability and gone to the 'description' website but I have no idea as to which patch to download to fix my problem. Some of the solutions have large numbers of optional downloads. How do I know how to recognize the right patch to download. Please explain it to me in plain simply english. Thankyou Frustrated Chris N
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