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  1. Thanks, I had tried the calculator but got nothing from it. Looking at the image you attached it appears the maximum number I could put in was 255? I had put in from 0 to 999, and I guess that's why it didn't provide an answer? Anyway problem solved, and thanks for the response. I tried this morning to create an account at the talktalk forum, but was there was a problem with the registration process that confirms I'm a talktalk customer. I am waiting for for a forum admin to create my account. I'll be posting something when my account is created. If you post before me I'll add something to the thread.
  2. Thought it might be helpful to first explain the problem that requires me to block an IP range. Over the last couple of weeks I've found it impossible to watch unpopular HD videos on Youtube. As I'm watching I can see the grey buffering bar move along as the video is downloaded, but after approx 2 minutes the video stops downloading and after a couple of seconds the bar moves to the end. I hope you know what I mean when I say 'grey buffering bar' as opposed to red actually watched bar. After a bit of research it appears my ISP TalkTalk (in the United Kingdom) is caching Youtube videos but something is going wrong. This [link] explains why ISP's cache youtube videos. If I go to view a popular video there is no problem and I assume that is because it's already cached, but a new video fails and I assume something has gone wrong with the caching process. If I keep refreshing the page for the failing video then each time a bit more downloads than before, and once it's completely watched there are no problems in the future. Last night I confirmed the ISP was delivering the video using Kaspersky Network Monitor. The IP address a video was being delivered from was for my ISP rather than Youtube [link]. I created network rule for my browser to block the address, hoping that it would force a connection to Youtube, and it worked. When I refreshed the page the video now downloaded from Youtube with no problems. Unfortunately there is not a single IP address to block. So far I've blocked the following. So it looks like I should block everything after .154, Guidance on how to block an IP range can be found here . http://support.kaspersky.com/7144 Unfortunately it's too difficult for me to understand this CIDR stuff. I expect my ISP to fix the caching problem, but in the mean time what do I enter to block the range above .154 ?
  3. I am using 3.5.7 (just realised that 3.6 is out!) I am wondering if kaspersky is letting me know about minor issues and setting need changing. From what I can understand kaspersky decides the favicon is suspicious hence the message, but then decides its ok? (first lines states 'Denied', then immediately second line says allowed)
  4. I am using firefox and a few times an hour a warning message is generated by kaspersky at the bottom right of the screen telling me it has blocked access to a a link. The program attempting to access the web link is firefox and its trying to access a favicon.ico The following is an example of what appears in the 'detailed report' for The 'url' appear to be for google. I am not computer literate, and havent a clue about how to stop the problem. Is one of my firefox plugins trying to access a bad website? Or is Kaspersky just playing safe. More importantly can anyone advise how to solve the issue Thanks.
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