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  1. I have used this web forum for many years, it has been "taken over" by TAPATALK whatever that is. and I am now blocked from accessing the site by KTS, from windows 10 edge browser. I have had this problem for many months now and I was hoping it would just go away. _ww.astratwintop.net/ attached copy of Kaspersky log. I don't understand the cloud references and none of the TAPATALK searches I have made on this forum or on the web, throw any light on this problem. (that I understand) If I try to log to the forum (required by tapatalk) , KIS blocks me and says if I think the block is wrong try again , and once again blocked. How do I proceed to access this forum.
  2. After this problem I am Unable to recover windows 10 so had to perform a reinstall of windows 10 Windows 10 has successfully reregistered its key I am now left with reinstalling all my applications...... Warning Win 10 does not automatically turn on restore points, that burned me, its now turned on, And as this was only as testing system (for windows 10 and old applications) I had neglected to save a system backup image. So ... I was unable to uninstall Kaspersky, I have lost a serial number from my pack of 5,( I had uninstalled a copy from another system being upgraded ). How do I get it back ????? Chris Oh and by the way SORRY doesn't cut it.
  3. Thank You for pointing out and thus helping me fix my network issues, I had NETBEUI enabled but missing a file, I also had other redundant net-bios stuff enabled. Now it is removed my network seems much better and the DHCP errors look like they have gone. time will tell. I have tried to re-run GSI, but now I get an application error and it does not complete, empty zip file. If I disable "auto-analyse" it runs to complete a Zip file, and I find the following in the GSI File. Category[:]0 CategoryString[:] EventCode[:]1000 EventIdentifier[:]1000 EventType[:]1 Logfile[:]Application Message[:]Faulting application getsysteminfo.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.5755, fault address 0x00002caf. RecordNumber[:]3497 SourceName[:]Application Error TimeGenerated[:]20110123170856.000000+000 TimeWritten[:]20110123170856.000000+000 Type[:]error User[:] What have I done wrong.......? thanks Chris
  4. Hi Richbuff I am getting old, I should have worked that out (GSI thing). I can only think the red warning is linked with the red warning banner across the top of the KIS window when it is disabled.....which was the only way I could get on the internet at the time. OR I tried to access the analyser online and got error messages so I left well alone. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi Marko13 Thanks for the info What is GSI ? its not an TLA I know. (2) The Norton Uninstaller has left the norton quarentine folder and semantics update folder in program files and all the registry entries pointing to them, the buDump.exe I downloaded does nothing (opens a black DOS screen and closes it)(no change to registry or program files). Norton did not exist and its not in the startup,the rubbish left by the uninstaller is pretty harmless I think. I will delete the 2 files in the symantics update folder to be sure. (6) yes i had checked the manual too, I can get 2 x1GB Sodimm's online, but I dont think this old laptop is worth the investment that is being asked (£££). But I need this laptop intact and usable (and secure) due to legacy software loaded on it that probaly won't work on win7 on my new laptop. (4) done, I already upgraded much network hardware and all latest software (I hope), now much better, but still need to move the wireles hub nearer to where the laptops are used. (1) I have moved non system stuff to another drive and run ccleaner, now have 4.5 gb free on C: I have restarted KIS (original) and it is behaving OK at the moment, I still have 2 copies of AVP.EXE running is this usual? I will defrag and update KIS as soon as I get time. Thanks Chris
  6. Thank You Marko13 (1) Will Do, This system is about to be trimmed down anyway, But I thought 2.7 GB free would be enough. (2) yes Norton was correctly uninstalled about 3-4 years ago (KIS since), I was aware there where remnants of Norton but could not get rid. Where do I get a Norton removal tool? (3) Its an HP 8400 networked printer but I think the actual IP address is wrong (last time I looked it was (4) I have wireless problems, frequent failure to connect, I hope most of this is now resolved. what do you want me to do I don't understand the instruction. (5) OK, How! are there instructions.( so I don't mess it up) (6) Already upgraded, I don't think I can upgrade further (hardware limit) Chris
  7. 100% CPU usage 2 avp.exe running, one remains running after the main copy (on task bar) is stopped. I have difficulty getting into the machine when it has the screen saver on. running task manager shows 62% usage from AVP.EXE (user System) and 38% usage from AVP.EXE (user Chris). After opening KIS2011 from Task bar, and STOPPING protection, the machine becomes usable but still slow, jerky. There is still a copy of AVP.EXE (user Chris) running using quite a high percentage cpu (It has died away to nothing while I am typing this) Is it normal to have 2 copies running Chris Acer Laptop, Win XP Home, KIS2011 (about 100 days old, this problem has been on and of for weeks)
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