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  1. The problem was that my brand new KIS 2015 license was only giving me 132 days instead of the usual full twelve month license (365 days) I've actually solved the problem. I had forgotten all about my previous KIS 5 licenses, of which 4 where installed in other devices in May 2014. So when I went to my Kasperky account it knew I had one unused license and assigned it to the Samsung stating there were 132 days left. My unused 3 licenses can be used in May.
  2. Kaspersky has already been activated in fact it was activated prior to buying the Tablet or the KIS 2015 3 device's. Images were removed as Licence activation code can be copied an stolen.
  3. I have just installed KIS multidevice 2015 3 users on my wifes Android based Samsung Tablet. It hasn't asked for the activation code and when logged on to a Kaspersky acount it says there are two licenses left and that the license will end in May 2015. This package was purchased on Amazon in October and came sealed in celophane.
  4. The problem is now resolved. ( no need to re-install ) When I looked at emails I notice one had been received from Kapsersky acknowledging my email address and log on password. Strange very very strange.
  5. I have a 3 licenses for KIS2014 multi device. It accepts the license, but just will not accept my email when trying to register.
  6. I have an Android tablet which I wanted to install KIS2014, I downloaded and installed it from Google Play Store, but when I came to enter my email for registration it would not accept. I tried several other emails and none where acceptable. All I could do was stop the install. I can't understand why it should do this as a few weeks ago I successfully downloaded and installed KIS 2014 onto my android Samsumg Galaxy S5 Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Many thanks, thought I may be able to use the license as I had done so with previous versions, but thought it wise to check first as I didn't want it bite me in the backside. Yes I always uninstall previous version before upgrading, in fact I don't bother using the disk. I check Kaspersky support for latest version and install that. Hopefuly it wont be to long before the teething problems are ironed out.
  8. I have recently bought KIS 2014, but am very reluctant to install it. If I use the KIS 2014 license on my current KIS 2013, will I still be able install KIS 2014 at a later date when all the bugs are ironed out. ?
  9. I'm running KIS 2012 ( under Win 7 64 bit on two PC's and under Win 7 32bit on a third PC. All PC's are prevented from displaying Jpegs loaded from a PHP generated photo gallery on a website when viewed in either IE9 or Firefox 15. The Jpegs start to load then corrupt after just a few lines of data are displayed. Having temporarily suspended KIS2012 protection I can view all Jpeg's without problem. I've been in touch with the website admin who there is nothing they can do as no other members of the community forum is having the same problem. I do know that a few other members are running KIS so I'm thinking it could be the settings. Anyone any idea's what to check, I've done a full scan and found nothing. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0bf68f3d6b344d5
  10. I've had to put a new hard drive in one of the PC's in the house due to the previous one dieing. All of the three licenses of KIS 2012 have been used. When I have installed the operating system on the new drive, is there any way that I can reinstall KIS2012 without falling foul of going over the maximum 3 users as I've only had the program a few weeks and don't real want to have to buy it again. Are there any file on the old drive that may be salvageable and copied to the new drive to allow a new install. All three licenses would be used from the same IP address in the home router.
  11. Hello, On the last three attempts to scan my PC, it has shut down during the process and KIS says there was a malfuction. I suspect KIS is getting highjacked, hope you can help. I've attached the AZV report and the getsysinfo link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...107b152d54c77f2 avz_log_20120105.txt
  12. I've been using KIS for many many years, but what gets me angry is EVERY YEAR when it's getting near to renewing the license, you begin Nag and harrass the life out of me. My current license is due to expire in thirteen days, and your bloody nag screen is popping up every two sodding hours. Unfortunately for me there nothing I can do, and with having SIX PC, I'm not going click to renew the license at your inflated prices. I shop around on the internet and get the best price. Unfortunately for ME, I have to put with this harrassment until my two copies of KIS2012 with 3 PC Licenses arrives in the post from Amazon. Your product may be good, but still hate the lot of you for employing the NAG popup, and contray to your belief, my computer won't be at risk if I don't click to buy a new license. I will have bought my internet security from one of your competitors. Have a Nag popup if you want, but every two hours for thirteen days prior expiry is simply not on. ONE DAY would suffice for those stupid enough to leave it so close to the expiry. You can't bully customers like this, there is a recession on. Now consider yourselves repremanded.
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