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  1. I try to install it (Windows Server Enterprise Edition, but after 4 hours of work on one server (windows 2008, 2 x quadri core 3 GHz, 28 GB RAM), I uninstall it because of very bad performance issue. It is no more possible to work on this server. I'll not deploy it on a small server which act only as WDS or RIS server.
  2. solved: http://support.kaspersky.com/kav6mp1/install?qid=193239279 work also with windows 2008 server
  3. Hi due to a deployment error, KAV for FS has being installed on a windows 2008 server. result is: blue screen how can I uninstall this version in sae mode ? Regards
  4. and where else ? and how should I know this is a malware ? KAV for FS said: not a virus ???????
  5. Hi, I have an issue on a windows 2003 R2 SP2 server. One process appear every 2 hours, and is blocked by KAV for FS. This process is killing the RDP access to the active directory, so that we can only access the srver with local users. => c:\windows\temp\scan.exe - not a virus - nettools net32.tcpscan.a After ckecking the process, they are many process running with a name like 5452.exe (many different number) I check the directory c:\windows\temp and they are man exe files with name nnnn.exe I delete all this directory, made a scan, then restart windows in safe mode and done a full scan => this appear again and again. Ad-aware detects something in the registry and delete it. KAV for FS doesn't. => but this process appears again with a cycle of 2 hours Some idea to solve this issue ? Regards
  6. please give us the version of the server version on which you think, this is solved. As next, one bug has being corrected on the linux FS x64 in 2007, and again appears in the actual version: you need to stop the process kas4fs, if not, the named, dhcpd services are no more working. When do you thing, this will be again corrected (buying an antivirus to install it on a server and stop it again, this may not be the right thing to do !!!).
  7. Also the smtp gateway (anti-virus and antipam) were affected !!!! 3 Hours during production time wihtout mail !!!!!!
  8. May be this will help; but I'm not sure ... This week I had again many issue with the linux version and named, samba, squid services ... Yesterday I had to reboot all the PDC of the group: 6 locations !!! (quicker solution than manually restarting all the services.
  9. * Antispam 3.0 (last version) too much spam are coming out (I put more or less all the options) - more than 3000 per day are stoped (4 domains) but 600 are coming up every days) * antivirus for linux fileserver: one bug corrected in one version comes up in the last version. Cause: when kav4fs is running the named server don't work any more. Regulary we need to stop the antivirus, so that the internet fonctionalities can work whithin our networks * Antivirus for fileservers (all versions): incompatibility with the RIS/WDS server. Since 2006 our RIS server has not antivirus protection (I put him into a special DMZ area). Knows by the support team in France since 2006. * Workstation error with handling of big outlook files and imap traffic with mailbox > 100 MB * Workstation error message of virus is coming up every new boot of the PC (this is not an netagent error, but an antivirus error) + the PC are freezing regulary (5 sec every n minutes, n < 10 minutes) * Workstation the PC are freezing regulary (5 sec every n minutes, n < 10 minutes) => we downgrade back all the workstation to the version => some functionality are annonced for speed up the scan => don't work => antispam on workstation: we desactivate this functionality because of too much dumps in Outlook 2002 and 2003 (all patchs: sp, sp2 or sp3) * KAK (vers. 6): even if you don't ask for protecting the PC during the installation, the network connection are loosed during the installation (cause issue by the users who where working during silent installation) * KAK (vers 5 and 6): handling of 2 consoles is not correct (global licence not possible, ...) * Netagent (last version): loose connection regulary (see bellow) * support: no support done by the french team / Russian one is better, but we need to resend regulary all the information to them and beginn again the explanation each time the personn is changing ... hard) Our feeling is that the business of Kaspersky is trying to be oriented on home user, and that the profesionnal users are no more the priority. Many bugs of the version 5 (winfilesrv, ws) where corrected, but the result is not what it should. I would say, too quickly developped. We find out more bugs, but the list is very long (I don't remember right now all the bugs). As I see since 6 month in the forum, I'n not the only one who have all this bugs. But thanks to some persons on this forum, sometimes I find a solutions to bypass this.
  10. Do some nice tests, if you want, there are too much bugs in the last versions. I'll change this summer all the products (ws + winfs + linuxfs+ antispam + mail).
  11. Hi, I had the same problem after deploying this version => I donwgrade more than 60 workstation to (work fine, except if you are working with IMAP mailboxes or large outlook files) Regards
  12. my network ... the whole internet is my network, because people roamnning arround the world, and I may see some PCs at leat one time in the year ... That's why I need to control that the KAV services are running, and that the I also can take the control of those PC via remote tools. And when the netagent to the AK connection break, I have no more change to manage their antivirus ...
  13. You're right in the case that the netagent is connected to the K AK. But as I still mentioned since the vers 6 of AK, the agent is being disconnecting regulary, event if you check the box (do not disconnect, or something like this). This occurs by 80 % of my case => in the case - managing the PC via the AK is not possible - managing the PC via dameware is not more possible, because of the self protection. You can click where you want on the KAV WS, nothing accurs. No update, no scan, nothing ... If you try to restart the service of the netagent, you may get back the control of the kav WS, but after some minutes, you lost him again.
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