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  1. Can anyone help me out here? I've narrowed down the issue a lot and was expecting things to progress from there. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hi Thomas, I narrowed it down to one feature area, but then got inconsistent results at the fine grain level. What I found: It is most definitely a part of the Proactive Defense component. I tried for an hour to prove/disprove only 1 control in the list of Settings under that control interface, but got nauseous from all the repeated clicking. Really. You can turn off either or both of the 2 Trusted Applications sub-menu checkboxes, but that won't fix it. You have to disable Proactive Defense for Publisher to work normally. My repeatable test case for failure. Have at least 1 Pub. 2010 document with content (text & tables). I used 2 documents, each with content. Select and copy a text area in document 1. Attempt to paste that text in document 2, and that will bring up the error message windows about being out of memory instead of pasting the text. You will get 3 related windows to click through for each attempted paste. Another test case for failure. Have only 1 open Pub doc (with content, not blank). Copy a selection of same, then paste into another area of the same document. Now attempt to close the doc without a prior save. You will get the same 3 error message windows about memory or unable to save the clipboard. I really did try to see if it was just one of the Proactive Defense Settings controls (9 checkboxes) but got no good result. I disabled 1/2 of the 9, or just 2 of them, or just 1 of them at a time, but only turning all of them off was sure to work for me. What's next? Thanks, Jeff
  3. I attached the RAR file from getsysinfo Thanks, Jeff GetSystemInfo_TIGER_Jeff_2011_08_30_11_20_08.zip
  4. Hi Thomas, I think I posted the wrong URL to the get sys info report. I'm re-running now... http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4f1b54a333fac87 Also, I attached the screen grabs of the error messages Thanks, Jeff
  5. Hi, I've been a KIS/Pure user for years. I fix PC's full-time. I just built myself a new i7 based system running Win 7 x64 Ultimate with Office 2010 Pro Plus. I installed apps in steps/waves and made backups along the way. The last install wave was to install Pure R2. Now that I have done that, I can no longer edit Publisher 2010 documents using the clipboard (cut & paste). My system has 16GB of matched RAM, but the errors that show up are "Windows is low on memory. To free up memory..." and "The clipboard is busy. Publisher can not cut, paste..." At the time I get these invalid errors the system can be running anything from just 2 Publisher windows after a fresh boot, or I could have a dozen apps open, but only Publisher complains. I can cut and paste at the same time into Word 2010 Pro, etc. If the boot is fresh then I'm barely using 3GB of the 16GB available. If I load up on running apps, it still has free RAM and the error persisits. I tried disabling the pagefile, with no change. I then re-enabled the pagefile. IF I turn off Kaspersky Pure R2 ( the errors do NOT occur. I searched online and found another post that hinted such a thing occurs, but no solution was given. I searched these forums and found no other similar post. I have screen grabs of the error windows, and all of my software is up-to-date and legit. I'd like to solve this soon. Until I have a solid fix I can't deploy my new PC in favor of the old one, and that matters to me. I'll do whatever is reasonable to help report and fix this bug. Thanks, Jeff
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