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  1. Yes, I download KIS form Kaspersky site. NO, I do not remove old KIS 2013 before I install KIS 2014. For now, I have been downloaded Pure 3.0, install and start with trial version. Thank you for answer. One more question: is it neccesery to remove old KIS 2013 before install KIS 2014?
  2. Hello. My KIS 2013 is no longer activate, so I decided to download KIS 2014 and I can not activate trail version Why? After instalation , there is no trial option:( Do I have no a right to run trail version?
  3. I have fragmented KIS data bases What can i do to haven't so fragmented files? (without using defragmentation) I have to do defragmentation every week., I don't want to do it so often. Is any option to download bases and have it in few fragments on hard disk?
  4. Thanks. Which program will the best, in yours opinion, to backup system?
  5. Hello again. I want to install norton ghost to backup my system. Will this program work properly with KIS? I'm asking about it because i know that KIS and Norton internet security are not compatibile. Have kaspersky similar probram to Norton ghost? Thanks.
  6. How to check what is the source of a banner? and what is the heuristic analis in block banner setting in KIS? "block banner setting" - i'm not sure about wright translation into english Thanks
  7. I have a problem with my password, just after upgrade my KIS to the newest version, my password don't work. I'm sure that i don't forget it. Something had to go wrong. In my opinion the best solution will be disable this option but how to do it without password? Thanks.
  8. I have another problem! I have upgraded my KIS to newest version. Trial subscription passed - OK, but somthing wrong is with password protect option (see picture below). It looks like KIS missed my password!, because it doesn't work. I'm sure that I don't forget my password, but KIS still write me that it wrong. I sugess that the best solution will be delete old password, but how to do it? Thanks for advice.
  9. Hi again I'm wondering what will happend with my trial subscription if I will upgrade KIS to newest version? and how i have to transfer my trial code? Thanks for advice.
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