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  1. Mmmm if I have to go through all that trouble I will just use tinywall. I pretty much block everything and run a few games through the firewall.
  2. Anyway to add file to the firewall whitelist/blacklist to the context menu so I can set the firewall to be paranoid and just whitelist/blacklist stuff as I need?Using the GUI every 5 min is taxing...
  3. I got a sealed best buy Kas IS case from a friend. It does not say how long the subscription time is on the case or anything I assumed 356 days not 184 . I activated it today and it says 184 days, I’ve heard rumors about the best buy stuff being half broken or pre used but I am confused to still..… I assume someone got to the key, but I’d thought I’d ask anyway see whats up if keys been hacked or best buy had a huge theft of cases/keys or what not ,only thing I found on google was the main site hack in 2015. Hopefully its a simple issue like someone just got the key out of the case and resealed it.
  4. This has been driving me batty of late :dash1: , I need to set customized network settings for half the programs/games I use and even on my i7 4 core 8 thread/16GB rig takes FOREVER to find specific programs since you've seen it fit to make it impossible to manually load a non running application like you could in pre 12-13 stuff. I think it would be better to not search in real time or implement a better/faster search system(like system explorer or cheat engine it dose not take long and dose it with running applications), It would be nice if I could click search after I input the whole name of the app I want rather than typing a letter or 2 waiting a few minutes for it to stop searching so I can finish putting in the name.. Could you not make a search database(encrypted if need be) that keeps track of program locations and prune anything that's not been run in the last 30 days so you can quickly get to the app you are looking for vrs the sluggish system you have now? I still would like to see the ability to manually add a program without having to have it running for it to be found you could use to do that via manage application.... Still love Kas just hate the the 2 or 3 missing features that would really make it shine. On a side note, since I been using universal extractor more these days I have noticed half the Trojans and virus's I randomly find are files packed in a executable, can't those be easily removed without doing harm to the executable? Tho I guess thats not the issue as much as all the pricey licenses needed to extract most executable's ><
  5. Thought this was suitable to this topic I apologize if I am posting out order... The captcha here has to be one of the hardest to see/read captchas I have seen yet. Even with magnification I had to try 9 times to get it right, mainly it looked like you use O's and zeros which always seems to get me, maybe if you made zeros very square it might help. An audio or puzzle captcha option might work but frankly with all the bots and scripts I dunno what can be done but it would be nice if you changed it to something a bit easier on the eyes...
  6. I really hate running scan disc on gigs and gigs of data >< Is there a better app to scan discs with than what comes with windows? And steam forum dose not have a clue either, I am probably due for a reinstall. Is there an easy way to reset windows 7 without reinstalling? Again thanks for all the help.
  7. Ah sorry sorry. Did all that uninstalled KIS rebooted installed steam as a test its not connecting and windose firewall is off, didn't work when it was on either. Maybe I have odd registry damage. All the other online stuff work fine 0-o Thanks again for the help! GetSystemInfo_ZIPPYHOME64_PC_Zippyhome64_2012_05_19_15_11_19.zip
  8. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...f15155644f364d1 What is a good uninstall program? I might try takeing out steam and reinstalling it. GetSystemInfo_ZIPPYHOME64_PC_Zippyhome64_2012_05_18_18_17_53.zip
  9. =============================== Well I enabled application control and proactive defense and its stoped working. 0_o I have white listed the exe and am stumped at what to do next.
  10. Could be the odd thing is after a reboot its working now tho I disabled application control and proactive defense, will enable them and reboot to see if thats creating a problem. Thanks for the help! http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...6ad429263a91150 GetSystemInfo_ZIPPYHOME64_PC_Zippyhome64_2012_05_17_13_36_00.zip
  11. I think this is more a bug in steam that just can not play well with firewall programs but I will post here hopeing I can get some help. I got fed up with with not having KIS(avast is ok I guess comodo dragon is ify) so I got Kone. Went offline uninstalled avast uninstalled all comodo products and hidden install of Zone alarm could not remove MSE but disabled it. Steam worked fine at first then rebooted and now it will not work. I really think steam needs overhauling......
  12. I got a case number CAS-111954-1M5H22 Hell I would not even mind paying 2$ a key for verification, its not Kasperkys fault for bad or leaked keys but they could do alil more for consumers even if its a charge as long as its a small fee most would not mind paying for it. If Kaspersky was not charging out the ass for the retail box I would expect their support to be bad but even its normal to have lack luster support it just makes me that much more disharted when I pay retail for something.. Mem So you are telling me to activate all my keys(2 left have 1 going now with no problem) right now and lose 2 years worth of time on them? kinda missing the point aint it? Generally I buy 1 year at a time for under 15$ OEM/wholesale/resell, this generally saves me from this issue because I am days away from expiration on my old key, this time I had to go and mis read it and think 9 PCs for 3 years for 50$....GGAAAHHH I need to learn to read sometimes....but thats put off till after I conquer the world ^_~
  13. Their system is pretty good at catching multi installs so I doubt they would black list over such a question. I am just checking with Kas if its good good if not soemone on ebay is getting bad feedback and a Paypal dispute started ^_~ Its not Kas fault all I need from them is an an answer on the keys. richbuff Meh people are known to buy up stock of stuff and then have to get rid of it, and one of thos open keys was perfectly good.
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