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  1. Then please ask kaspersky tech support to see if they can help you.
  2. Welcome. Maybe here: https://support.kaspersky.com/11220#block1 Or here: https://usa.kaspersky.com/auto-renewal-service
  3. Also, try a manual update and a reboot. Better?
  4. I think it pretty clear 1 device, 1 license for 1 year, as it states on the box. It can be used on only 1 device, not many. A device being either 1 PC (device) or 1 Mac (device) or 1 Android (device) but not all at the same time, and not on any device for more than 1 year. If it was for more than one device, the box would say so. For example 3 devices for one year or 5 devices for 1 year, but yours says only 1 device for 1 year.
  5. Post them here if you want help from the forum moderator.
  6. Welcome. It appears you have enabled traces. Check to see and disable traces. Open KAV > Support > Support Tools > disable You can delete those log files afterward.
  7. Welcome. From your events log: Error: Application: Kaspersky Anti-Virus -- Installation of the application requires Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later. Where is service pack 1? Please connect to windows update and download and install windows service pack 1 and all subsequent important updates.
  8. Your assumption is highly possible. Can't say for sure but it appears so.
  9. Welcome. Rule number one: Never ever buy codes from Ebay. Only purchase through authorized sellers. Amazon is my choice, but not the marketplace section. Rule number two: Don't buy from Ebay! One can't know if the code has been sold to other parties.
  10. Welcome. The license information contained in the program interface license area is not the activation code. Please locate your 20 digit activation code and enter it. Your activation code can be found in an email or on the CD sleeve depending if online purchase or purchased boxed version. If you registered your product, it is possible to locate it in your My Kaspersky account. If forgot or don't know, please click indicated links. See https://my.kaspersky.com/ It is also a good idea to back it up on a paper document. If none of the above work, please contact technical support. http://center.kaspersky.com/
  11. Version MR 1 was able to update automatically to version 2017 for many users but, as Whizard states, regional marketing may dictate the availability of this option.
  12. It should install version 2018. When it becomes available.
  13. Also, try clearing browser cache and then reboot for good measure.
  14. Installing on new laptop

    Also, please see this: https://support.kaspersky.com/12747
  15. Welcome. This is a technical support issue. Please contact technical support. http://center.kaspersky.com/