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  1. We've just upgraded to Kaspersky Security Center Kaspersky Lab Version: 10.1.249 and I was disappointed to find that the required protocol for sending reports to GMail is *still* not available. Any news on when we will be able to use reporting to send to GMail? Our academy trust uses GMail throughout it's organisation.
  2. My son needs to scan his PC using our Kaspersky rescue disk, but his PC is protected with Truecrypt. The problem is that the Truecrypt password boot sequence doesn't work when booting from a CD. Anyone know how to get around this problem?
  3. Will that not use up another of my 3 licenses? I have one KIS installed and my wife the other. We have yet to use the third from our 3 license set for our son's PC.
  4. Can anyone point me to information as to how to move my wife's Kaspersky AV 2009 activation information from her failing (SMART reports it's dying) to her new drive, that I've just install a new XP to?
  5. I tried to patch the Beta today, Kaspersky still blocked the Updater from actually applying the patch. Only solution seems to be to disable Application Filter and Proactive Defense and then the patch was successfully applied.
  6. Thanks for the amazingly fast response. I've moved all the BlizzardUpdater.exe's into Trusted, obviously some them must have been past updates. I'll have to wait for another patch to the live game or Beta to see if it's fixed. If it doesn't work, I'll have to be a bit more selective and turn off System Security while patching, instead of pausing all protection. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I'm impressed with Kaspersky's protection, but am beginning to get annoyed at it's persistence and refusal to allow Blizzard's updater run on patch days. I've tried setting the game directories as trusted zones, I've ticked the Do Not monitor this program boxes, but Kaspersky always overrides me and blocks it. So our only option is to pause the protection, apply the patch (which can take 10-20 minutes or more) and then remember to restart protection afterwards. Any ideas how I can convince Kaspersky to allow BlizzardUpdater.exe to run without restrictions? It seems to hate the fact that the Updater is created in Temp and then autorun. The reports is as follows... 2 Events Autorun : Denied KLPriviledges/KLSelfStart Placed in group Untrusted: Heur.KillFiles
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