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  1. The edit time has expired. I have to create a new post: To the point of this topic: I have participated in such a discussion before I joined KL (KAV> KIS and now PURE). To avoid any possibility for an attack, for years I have been doing what KevM says in post #16: > Before I shut down my computer, I disable the network connection. > After powering up, I wait for the K icon before I enable the network connection. With these procedures, this discussion is “theoretical”.
  2. Don't RIGHT-click the link 'edit', just a common LEFT-click. Sorry, docrobin, you are right, there is no button or right-click menu for 'paste'. When I wrote “& paste the appropriate item”, I meant the common Windows feature CTRL-V (to paste whatever you have copied into the clipboard with CTRL-C). Remember that CTRL-Z lets you 'Undo' your paste with Ctrl-V.
  3. May I ask: Is the Safe Money module fully compatible with 64 bits systems?
  4. Paste into Secure Memo: Select item > Display > edit (right lower corner) & paste the appropriate item Activation code: I suggest Secure Memos > Template = Software license You might modify the template (add more lines).
  5. I was worried when I saw liberte50 came back with a new post with a “license issue”. Personally I have not noticed this bad behavior since 11.07. I am now running the CF2 version (http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=1920616). I undoubtedly agree; still I do not dare to leave my computer unattended. I should like to have the confirmation that KL has found the problem and resolved it! Yes, richbuff, I have opened two support tickets for the license issues (12.07.2012 & 15.07.2012). Some great guys have tried to help put pressure on KL, but so far to no avail. My oldest open ticket is from 24.04.2012; I have now 4 open tickets, they are “gathered” in one request number. The developers have received my logs/dumps/GSI report (confirmed by KL). The latest reply is dated 25.09.2012: “We have no further information at the moment.” I urge anyone with licensing issues to report this to Tech Support.
  6. You should read this post in the KIS/KAV forum: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=1921555 and follow the link to the Mozilla Blog.
  7. Today: The URL Advisor works well in IE9 and Chrome 22. I re-enabled the Add On in Firefox. The shutdown error seems to have disappeared! Great! (Fixed through updates? I do not know; the most important issue is that PURE 2.0 CF2 works flawlessly. I still have the registry leak (ID 1530) when I shut down Windows. The license issue with interrupted protection has not occurred since 11.07.2012; cross fingers. I want to trust PURE 100%.) Edit: Sorry, the close error reoccurred.
  8. I guess I re-enabled this feature after installing PURE 2.0 CF2. Of course there is no need for this distribution folder when you use the Updater Utility. I disabled the feature on Saturday. All subsequent updates were error free in PURE!!! Today I performed a test: I re-enabled "Copy updates to folder": The number of signatures increased (to 9,711,231), but 3 corrupted databases (KDB/EMU/INFO) were logged in PURE. I then disabled the copy option and started the updater once more. Now, 3 mins after the previous update, I had an error free update in PURE. Now 9,712,099 signatures. You are definitely right, JanRei. Be sure to disable the copy-option in PURE if you use the Updater Utility (I assume the option will disappear in the next version of PURE.) As I wrote, from time to time I have had errors (“corrupted databases”) during a normal PURE update, but in most cases a repeated update resolved the issue. Maybe the errors were caused by the copy-option in PURE? Maybe the KUU2 is a more stable procedure? In any case: I am happy with my new solution, PURE and Kaspersky Update Utility 2.0.
  9. No, JanRei did not mean 'Filters'. He meant 'Settings>Updates source and folders>Download = Application databases only.' More details in http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=245821. If you want to try the Kaspersky Updater Utility, you should visit the associated forum (and avoid the silly settings I performed :al: ).
  10. I feel dumb, JanRei. I misread your initial reply in the PURE forum; it was a bad idea to think of 'Filters'. Of course you meant: Settings>Updates source and folders>Download =Application databases only. "Copy updates to folder" was disabled in PURE when I used I am not sure whether this option was enabled when I had several “Update files are corrupted” (update source is the folder from KUU2). I have to try again. From time to time I receive similar error messages during a “normal” PURE update, but in most cases the error is resolved by a new update. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, JanRei.
  11. To update PURE from Kaspersky Updater seems to give a lot of errors.
  12. In addition to what richbuff has explained about “vulnerabilities”: Normally you'll find a link to the actual vendor's web site for updates. When it comes to Java, just go to http://www.java.com/en/. Follow the vendor's advice: Uninstall older versions of Java (check the Help Center). From PURE 2.0 (Computer protection>Update) the link 'Virus activity review' brings you to http://www.securelist.com/en. Scroll down to 'The Latest in Security News'. At the moment you'll find 'Security Experts Recommend Long, Hard Look at Disabling Java...' http://threatpost.com/en_us/blogs/security...aign=Position+2 Shame to you, Sun! I asked my bank for “a Java-free URL”. I have received an alternative to manage my accounts through the Internet. Unfortunately it is not always easy to use your computer on-line these days; you have to know something about “the bad issues”. But I think Kaspersky PURE is a nice and helpful product for the daily computing.
  13. My computer (Win7 Pro x64): At closing FF 15.0.1 an application error message is displayed. Solution: Disable Kaspersky URL Advisor (Firefox: Ctrl-Shift-A)
  14. Thanks for your reply, JanRei. Your link to the support article gave me 'Page not found'. I performed a search and found these: http://support.kaspersky.com/updater2/for_...s?qid=208284962 [article 6948] 2011-06-29 35 Retranslation successful and update is not requested = antivirus databases and modules for selected software successfully downloaded. http://support.kaspersky.com/updater/for_w...s?qid=208279243 [article 1273] 2010-12-20 35 Retranslation successful and update is not requested = The return code means the updates specified in the in-file have been downloaded successfully. So I am convinced that RC35 tells about a successful update. But, sorry, now I am confused about the application filter. As far as I can understand, you are telling the opposite of what article 4161 says [http://support.kaspersky.com/updater/for_windows?qid=208282172] If I do NOT want to download/install the hotfixes (patches), should I then CHECK or UNCHECK the option 'Filter by applications/Enable filter'?
  15. It has been a pleasure to run Kaspersky Updater together with PURE I wanted to only update my signature database in PURE, but not automatically download and install the upcoming patch D for PURE. The intention was to create an image backup of my system drive before PURE was patched. Thanks to a reply from JanRei, I was able to achieve what I wanted. Settings: PURE with manual update, Updater with application filter enabled, scheduled update including update of the db in PURE. Instead of a patch to PURE, a new build was released today. I assume I now have to wait for an update of KUU2 to include the app PURE It is very easy to use the Updater; the only issue that have been a bit confusing, is the message “Retranslation successful and update is not requested” (RC35). “Retranslation” and “update is not requested”? I think the German text is more understandable: “Alle angeforderten Updatekomponenten wurden erfolgreich heruntergeladen”. If the English text was something like “All necessary components are downloaded and updated”, the message would be more understandable to me. Have I understood the RC35 message correctly?
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