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  1. Just a quick question please. KIS 2010; Windows XP serv 3. In KIS 2010 recently upgraded from KIS 7, I noticed that my anti banner is not on. Is the KIS default for anti banner on or off? I did a clean upgrade when I switched from KIS 7, so I didn't keep anything other than activation code. Reason I'm asking is I have a problem with a particular website (photobucket), that has banner type annoying ads, and have had 2 occurances now where KIS reported an an event as a virus but then denied it getting access. Seems like it happens only when I'm on that site, so just wondering. Would enabling anti-banner help with these types of ads that I believe trigger these events? Or would anti-banner enabled in the long run cause problems with things like I've been reading with some discussions here. Thanks as always
  2. Ok - freaked me out for a sec. I appreciate the immediate responses here. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you for the very fast reply. Relieved to hear. What is the quarrantine link at the bottom for? It still shows virus and infected though? That's what through me
  4. Hi yet again. Thanks DH KIS 10 (just installed successfully yesterday previously had KIS7) Win XP sp3 Home Desktop PC While on Photobucket website - I got a KIS red pop up that said something about a threat detected. I looked at the report and it looks as if KIS denied it. I've got a print screen below. On my main KIS window at right panel it says threats detected: 1 and it's listed under virus. When I go to click that - the report opens : Status - Infected - event 1. And at the bottom of that screen Quarrantine is highlighted in blue. What am I supposed to do - or has it been taken care of by KIS protection? Thanks (again) Screenprints below:
  5. ..... I found those sticky notes at the top of this board incredibly helpful. As well as the online manual/documentation about each version of software. Answers here on the board were always helpful and incredibly fast. Hang in there.
  6. I upgraded from KIS 7 to KIS 2010 version today. I wanted to thank all who helped me navigate to this newer version. Appreciate everything. Went well, thanks to the answers, and great documentation online. Just had a question. (Win XP, Serv Pk 3, on home compaq computer). The default setting for full scan - (or for other scans), do not have a tick mark in scan only new & changed files. Would it be more beneficial to add that setting? My full scan took about 1-1/2 hours. (totally fine with that - since in KIS 7 it took 3 hours!). Possibly thought this was due to it being the first full scan since installing the newer KIS version - thought that might be why it took over an hour. Don't get me wrong - considering where I was with KIS 7 taking 3 hours for Computer Scans & Rootkit scans -- I'll take this anyday. Just curious if having it scan just changed/new files would be more beneficial - or not something advised. I'm getting used to the new version already! So far so good. Like the feel of it actually. Thank you again to all who helped walk me through all of this!
  7. So current KIS can still be on computer while removal tools for Mcafee, etc.. take place.?
  8. I have a Question about ccleaner.com -- I've never used anything to clean temp files. I've always wondered about .tmp files (which I assume was temp files), and how to determine if they are junk or not. I notice when my KIS scans my files I have a ton of .tmp files. You say the ccleaner.com is very safe? Might be something I'd like to try. I don't like tinkering with stuff I don't know about, and doing a search by extension of .tmp files and deleting them that way would make me nervous - so just curious about the ccleaner you mentioned. Thanks.
  9. Just curious & jumping into this question regarding McAfee removal tool ~ Can this Mcafee removal tool be used while you have still have KIS installed? I'm getting ready to upgrade from KIS 7 to 2010, and thought I might check to see if I have any remnants of other possible AV protection still on computer. So - can the removal tools such as Mcafee or Norton be used while you have your current Version of KIS installed already on the computer? Thanks.
  10. Hi, (again) Getting ready to upgrade from KIS to KIS 2010. Win XP Home serv pk 3 Not sure if this is anything, but I've always noticed this in KIS event log after computer is turned on: Process (PID 1728) tried to access Kaspersky Internet Security process (PID 1688), but the action has been blocked by the Self-Defense component. No action on your part is required. The PID numbers listed in each message in log changes with each computer start up session. Is this something I should worry about - and in addition to that - When I do clean uninstal of KIS 7 and then reboot - will this be a problem while I have no protection on the PC until KIS 10 installed? Thanks !
  11. OK - that's good to know. Tech support lead me to believe that would've been fine to do. Thank you.
  12. Is there any benefit to saving application objects from previous version, at uninstall. My main deal with having to upgrade from KIS 7 to 10 is that I don't want to have to deal with pop-ups and changing settings etc.. Tech support said instead of clean uninstall, I could if I wanted, save application objects when doing the uninstall. Any reason not to do it? Thanks. KIS WinXP Home Servpk 3
  13. Jumping in myself to ask if there a list of defaults listed somewhere for each Version by any chance? Reading documentation myself lately - so just curious if there's a list of those as reference. Thanks.
  14. antikythera Thank you. That's the type of info I want, opinions on either side for either version. Thank you, appreciate that. My computer use is mainly email, auctions, and photos.
  15. Thank you for your message. What would be your reasoning for installing the 2009, instead of 10, that would be helpful to know if you don't mind. Thank you!
  16. Additional question - Since I need to do an uninstall of KIS 7, before upgrading to newer version, I'm assuming based on forum discussions I've been seeing, I do it through ---> Windows Add/Remove programs... Correct? I keep reading how it's handy to save the activation data from previous version - or am I not understanding this? Any other things I'd need to save from KIS 7 Thank you, great info here.
  17. Hi & thanks! I have anti-spam in KIS 7 at the recommended settings, & I don't use anti-spam training wizard. Would this also be the case in the newer versions, where you can either choose to use training wizard or default to KIS recommended setting and it taking care of it?
  18. So in both KIS versions, (9 or 10), once I install either of those, after uninstalling 7, I do not have to change anything from the default settings that I get on these new installs -. I don't have to train anything?
  19. Thank you for letting me know about that. I'm so used to KIS 7, changing versions just makes me nervous. When I had firewall for 7 in training mode, I had no earthly clue what to allow or what they were I was allowing or blocking. If I can have the newer versions installed without having to figure out what to tweak, (which for me would be dangerous), then I'll be fine. I'm assuming the default settings are what I'll have after installation for either version - but is there a setting that I'd have to change to keep it more simple for my use?
  20. Uninstall. Got it. Thank you. So 7 completely uninstalls, before the new version installs. Thanks. What I'm looking for is to hardly know Kaspersky is in the background. Do not want to "train" the settings, just want it to do it's thing. I hear problems with 10, not sure about 9, and I gotta make a move somewhere. My scheduled computer scan as well as Rootkit scan take about 3 hours each as it is now! I have not tweaked it to just do new/changed files, so that's what it does. If, like I hear Ver 10 does an automatic rootkit scan every so often throughout the day, I'll be dragging with that !!! Just not sure which version would be best for me.
  21. Hello - have read those, thank you, I'll use those when I'm ready to upgrade. Quite helpful to have that info. But at the moment, need some info on what version is more user-friendly for home user who does not want to have to deal with popups, and tweaking, training etc... Also do the exisiting settings that I have already - carry over to the newer version, as in the firewall setting will stay same, etc.. that I have now. Thanks.
  22. Hello! Using KIS, Home Computer, Windows XP Serv Pk 3. Need some info on which version of KIS would better suit my needs, going from KIS 7 currently, and have some questions. When you upgrade your version, do the current settings you have with existing KIS stay the same, (as in my existing firewall settings, etc.. )? I'm not sure which KIS to upgrade to. I don't want to even know it's working in the background, don't want to train it with the popups etc..So I'm concerned that when I upgrade to the newer versions, my current KIS settings will be changed. I like vers 7, happy with it, but realize times have moved on. Just don't want any surprises popping up all the time. Which version is a friendlier one for those with little-to-none tech knowledge - your basic home user. I don't want to tinker with settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. A big Duh moment for me! Thank you so very much for the immediate response. I had been looking back at December's calendar on my computer. Forgot totally about this one crucial thing, I must've hit apply before changing it back to current day. Totally threw everything off. I've never felt so stuiped in all my life - but thank you so much for jumping right in so fast! Dumb! Yes, I've been waiting for all of the bugs to get out. Was caught in the middle of that Rootkit scan snafu a bit ago, so waiting to see how people like the newer versions before upgrading. Would consider 9, based on what I've been reading. Thank you again!
  24. Hello all, I renewed KIS 7.0 in June 2009 - just on 1 computer, but license was for 3.. Using Windows XP Home Ed Service pk 3. I was on the web tonight and all of a sudden, KIS disabled, says Application Key Invalid. When I check the Activation Key area it says I've exceeded the maximum number of application copies that can be installed on one key. Protection disabled, until I renew. When I click on Key detail info it says it is an ACTIVE key and it's expiration in June 2010, but gives total of 534 days. I renewed it about 2 weeks into 6/2009, so not sure why the extended date Also not sure - but the license key number number I printed out when I renwed is not the active key now that shows in Kaspersky box. Can someone tell me what is going on? Tried to reach phone support, but due to holiday - can't. Thanks. What I was doing when this happened was checking various email accounts on this one computer through my service provider. Thanks! PS - not that tech saavy with Kaspersky stuff - but I'll try and hang in there with any help!!!
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