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  1. Hello all, Just installed KIS 2014 on a Win 7 laptop yesterday. Went smoothly, thanks to great online manual & everyone here. Something I've noticed though - the Database Release Date Time when I hover over Taskbar shows a time 5 hours ahead of my actual time that it was updated on my side. For example: One of the database updates I did was at 2:12 pm Eastern Time here, and time on hovering over taskbar shows 7:12 pm as release time. Date & time on laptop is correct, just noticed KIS' database release time is ahead of my time when I hovered. Was not like this before when I was using KIS 2012, showed my time as release date on taskbar . I have enabled icon animation. Just curious what that was about. Thanks. Arrow
  2. Hello all! I'll be looking for a new comuter to replace my Win XP, that is using KIS 2012. I'll be going from a Desktop to Laptop, and Win 8.1 preinstalled, (what I'm looking for at any rate). Gigantic leap in both hardware & operating systems that should've been done years before now, I know. What should be the sequence of events for new computer? I'll be uninstalling existing license off of old computer, no longer using Win XP computer connected to internet. When getting new computer, I realize with Win 8.1 that I'll be setting up local or miscrosoft acct etc...(I'm leaning toward local acct, because not interested in app environment, mainly desktop). After that, do I then update the win 8.1 computer with MS updates, before downloading & installing the current version of KIS 2014? Or do I go right to downloading/installing KIS before getting MS updates? And if I remember reading correctly, doesn't the installation of KIS 2014 turn off MS firewall as well as MS Defender by default? Thanks!
  3. Hi Story Goes, my message in this thread was about the pop-up, & it got cut from that thread & now starts this one for some reason by Mods. As far as I know you can still use your code back again for 2012. Someone else should be able to step in here for that for you, sorry I can't.
  4. I'm on XP sp-3 myself. I was hesitant to move from 2010 to 2012 a while back. I waited a while after it came out, thinking 2012 would make my system crawl due to the age/memory of the PC. When I made the move to 2012 I was pleasantly surprised, not only at no problems but the ease of it as well as noticeably pleased with the user-friendly online user manual on Kaspersky website now.
  5. The pop-up does have an option when it comes up -- at the bottom of the whole thing -- showing a box to click - to not ask for the update/upgrade again. Next time it pops up I'll be clicking on that. But dh27564 has mentioned, (thank you as always by the way, for your fast, replies), that you can go into your KIS settings, it sounds like, so that it doesn't happen again that way as well. When the alert pops up again, I'm just doing the not ask me again option. It threw me off as well, when it popped up, since I wasn't expecting that. But knowing that it was green pop-up was a relief, (no red alert or anything like that)... green is always good with KIS!
  6. Hello, using - -- KIS 2012 - 12.0.374 (l) with about 4 months left on current license. Never saw this before, today a green pop up at right bottom corner came up from KIS saying a Technical Update for KIS is Available. Mentions my current version that I have listed, and new version of was available. Says, "Do you want to download the technical update? Yes (Recommended) -- and says designation where it will be downloaded to, if yes. No, ask me again later." as well as a bottom block to check to not ask me again about update. I had never seen this before on the previous versions. I chose not to update at this time, ask me later. Something new? Thanks just curious
  7. After I deleted Temp files in Disk Cleanup, rebooted computer again after this, updated databases in KIS, all is now well with my browser. Not sure if this is related to other probs people had with KIS12 today, but all seems to be fine. Not sure if it was that, or the trojan, but seems fine at the moment. Thanks in advance...
  8. My problem if it was related to all of yours, has now been solved. I deleted temp files in disk clean up, rebooted, updated KIS, and now I can navigate IE7 fine. All good for me, not sure. if my problem (other thread) is same as what is going on, but I too have KIS12
  9. Hello all you great people. I'm in need of your fantastic help. Using a laptop at the moment, since cannot get access to desktop browser or Kaspersky. Desktop computer browser is having issues that I've never seen, thought it might be hijacked, but not sure & not too computer saavy. Desktop computer running Win XP Home Service Pack 3, with IE7, KIS (l). All MS Windows update, Java just insalled new version Java 7 - update 13 on Feb 1 Flash Version 11.5.502.146. Today I noticed some odd issues with browser as I was looking at one of my online auctions I was posting. As I finished creating/posting the auction, I went back to check & noticed the auction page at the bottom of it was blank, but I could navigate the website fine. I cleared internet cache, temp folders, history, closed browser. Reopened browser, but now it wouldn't load to home page... just clocked trying to load with no page loading at all, no navigating, tried Kaspersky website - same thing, just trying to open, but nothing, I can't get to the website, it tries, but nothing comes up on the screen as it tries to load, just blank. Odd thing is I can navigate to Miscrosoft help community pages, cannot navigate to other websites. I can navigate to hotmail's website to sign in, the auction website to sign in, but that's it. I am nervous to enter evn sign in, but those are the only websites I can go to. I go back to the auction website - not signed in, just tol ook at my auctions, I see the top part of my auction that the auction site shows, but not the bottom description page with my pictures I've included. I closed the browser, rebooted, opened browser without add-ones & same problem occured with no navigation to any websites - tries to navigate their but never loads. Closed internet, turned off router, I then did a full scan. Upon full scan - it may have been a coincindence, but malware found in a program file \Kodak\Kodaksoftware.Updater file..... Name of it was Trojan.win32.Vilsel.bpjd.repbead.exe, and after full scan completed KIS scan alerted me to the fact that it deleted it. All Green on console. Still can't get browser back to usuable state, I'm getting ready to clear desktop computer temp files after I log off of this Laptop & close internet down to work on it. I don't have any other browsers on that computer (I saw Safari on it, but husband had it on there for ipod, & I keep it updated, but never use it - don't even know if it would work on desktop, but I do update it when apple's software updates come up). Question: 1) Is browser in need of reset? never have done that before, so I'll need to look that up on how. 2) Is this a KIS problem with the new (l) version that just recently got updated on my KIS? I'm totally at a loss, and not sure how to get my browser functional on my desktop. Thanks!
  10. Hi Mojo2 -- Just a heads up... this is a user forum. No Kaspersky staff are here. It's a great place for help from knowledeable users of Kaspersky products. I've found everyone here incredibly helpful whenever I've needed anything. The information Richbuff directed you to was at the very top of this discussion board. Important topics at the very top - he mentioned the 5th one specifically for you to check out & read. When you provide the GetSystemInfo data - it gives them a peek into what might be happening in your situation with your computer. Please know that many of these users here on this board try very hard & do it on their own time to help people in situations like what you're experiencing. They are not employees, but forum users of Kaspersky products. Otherwise, Richbuff pointed you to the Kaspersky Tech support link. I think you may find this forum a bit faster on the answers and more readily available to help you. Just wanted to give you a friendly heads up though...
  11. Sorry, OMDA you better wait for a Moderator. But the way I did it was I disabled protection in the Settings area of Kaspersky by taking out the check mark in the Enable protection box of that area at the top. Clicked Apply. Closed that window. Then I right clicked the tray icon K & then exit after that. Then Degrag went fine.
  12. Forgot to add -- if I remember correctly to turn Kaspersky back on, since it will not be showing in tray - I think if I can remember all I did was just go to my programs and find Kaspersky just clicked on it there to start it back up.
  13. I think part of the instruction to you above was missing. Make sure your internet connection is off beforehand, then right click tray K icon, and exit Kaspersky. (Not pause). In order for defrag to work smoothly Kaspersky needs to be off. Then do your defrag. I just finished doing this myself. After defrag is complete -- make sure you Enable Kaspersky again to put it back on.
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