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  1. More importantly, why Kaspersky doesn't seem to care about it? I've remove it from my systems because this nonsense is so annoying. Got tired of waiting for a fix...
  2. Can this nonsense be fixed for god sake, it's irritating as hell seeing that red cross on the security center, not knowing if it's just taking forever to connect to the service or actually broken for whatever reason. This is why it's annoying.
  3. Just installed KFA 2019 on my HP X2 and it's doing the same thing... Which makes it unlikely to be issue on my side...
  4. my.kaspersky.com refuses to sign in. Can't sign in at all. Tried in Opera, Edge and even on mobile phone with entirely different ISP. You can input sign-in info and then it' just loading forever and never opens anything.
  5. When avast! is installed, it doesn't even show the red cross. So, anything beyond that is "really long time". 1-2 minutes if you really want the numbers. It's silly and shouldn't be this slow.
  6. When I boot up the system, it's taking really long for KAV Free to register with Windows Security System. Security center icon has a red cross this entire time and then goes to green checkmark. I don't think this should be happening on a powerful overclocked system with hexacore, 32GB RAM and Samsung 850 Pro 2TB SSD. I was using avast! before and didn't experience this. I've uninstalled and cleaned avast! remaining files thoroughly before installing KAV Free. Any ideas?
  7. And a generic white shield is better? That's like calling a Mercedes logo "dated". Or Ferrari's logo "dated". They still use the same one for decades, maybe in slightly refined shapes, but when you see it, you instantly know, that's Mercedes and that's a Ferrari. Where when I look at "new" Kaspersky tray icon, it says NOTHING about the product. It's just some generic indescribable shape.
  8. Noticed the tray icon is now some weird looking plain white shield icon, I don't see the "K" logo anywhere on the interface etc. Why has Kaspersky decided to ditch one of the most recognizable things for generic things like a white shield? I always loved the black, red and white "K" in the tray area in Windows. I kinda miss that. Or is this just limited to the Free edition? Although it would make sense to display "K" as well to promote Kaspersky...
  9. Again, BUT WHY? No other AV ever required me to do that, just Kasperky. That's a bit stupid, don't you think?
  10. How is this helping losing of registration of Kaspersky with Security Center? If it was a global problem, all AV vendors would be experiencing it. But it only seems to be Kaspersky. I like it a lot, but the fact it than runs with Windows Defender together, slowing my high end system to a noticeable crawl is just unacceptable.
  11. What is? This never EVER happened with avast! for example. Bu with Kaspersky, on two separate devices. Reinstalled avast! on both and Windows Defender is not turning on anymore...
  12. And why is this happening in the first place on a spot clean installation of Windows 10 ?
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