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  1. Just a quick Question. I updated from KIS 2016 to KIS 2017 without uninstalling 2016. Everything seems to work good right now, do you think its OK ? I mean, do i have to reinstall 2017 if i didint follow the instructions of Uninstalling 2016 first and installing 2017 afterwards ?
  2. Same problem with me also. W10 Pro 64x + WInrar 5.2 64x. I get a black screen of death when trying to extract the Nvidia driver... I Had to use 7-zip to extract and then it worked. I am getting a little disappointed with Kaspersky lately. I already have McAfee on 2 of my 5 PCs at home and they work perfectly fine so far so i might be going with McAfee next time around...
  3. Hey there. I have been using a 2 years license and it will be expiring in 70 days so I purchased a new license today for 3 years. Usually on my KIS 13 i had an option to input my new code and the program would automatically start the new activation code when my old one expires. I dont see this feature on the new KIS 15 ? There is no button to activate a second code when i press Subscription. Also, is my new KEY already "expiring" on the date of the purchase or only when it is activated ? I would appreciate some help.
  4. I'm really sorry, but a post in here is 27 times more convenient for me than to contact support, install tracing software, upload reports, monitor when the problem happens.....That is not my job, and I will not put time into this. Yes, security is very important to me, however convenience is as equally important. After all it is my choice, and I hope you guys figure it out, and i truly hope there are dedicated customers who will do this work for you guys. Good thing the market is very competitive in the security software business so $80 subscription will not hold me back and make me put up with an unfinished product. I understand that this sounds really arrogant, however convenience is more valuable for me than $80 worth of unfinished product.
  5. So what is the general consensus ? Do we go back to 2013 ? 2014 edition has been FULL with issues ever since it was leaked as a beta and it never recovered. The internet page loading issue, now this grey icon...
  6. I don'h have these programs and I still have the grey icon. I doubt these programs are the problem...
  7. Yes, manual exit and restart of the program fixed it. I will check to see if after 10 minutes fixes itself, but doesn't that mean I will be unprotected 10 minutes after i reboot my machine until it becomes active ?
  8. I've just updated recently from KIS 2013 to 2014 and today on my 3rd day of the program i have noticed that my KIS 14 icon was grayed out just like everybody else. I am using Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit...
  9. I also had a problem with my banking website when I was with KIS 14 (b ). You can fix this by turning off virtual keyboard. It solved my problem for Google Chrome, it used to give me wrong password. However, I still had problems with the web page loading so I just moved back to KIS 13 just a few minutes ago. I will wait a few months before I change to KIS 14, no need to rush it. Let them sort out the bugs..
  10. It's been 4 days with KIS 14 ( B ) and im going to have to say that I still have this slow website loading from time to time. It is not always, but it happens. The only software that I have on my PC is the Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard software. Nothing else is running in my background or monitoring. Fully updated Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1. I regularly clean my system with CCleaner and Advanced System care + Intel SSD toolbox for the SSD. My windows Event Viewer is in perfect order with only a few warnings and very rarely any errors. KIS 13 was simply working, something was changed for KIS 14 and now its not 100%...
  11. Double boot might have helped. I will leave it for a few days to see if this was the problem.
  12. I have also tried KIS 14 for the second time, just after Patch B was released. I'm sorry to report but the KIS 14 still has this occasional website loading slowness. I am using the latest Chrome. The easiest way to see this is if you open a new window in Chrome and search stuff, directly from the search bar on top. Sometimes the search to Google will take like 20 seconds, sometimes it will be a few seconds. This has never happened on KIS 13, which I've been using for a long time. This "slight" slowness is noticed right away because that feature is one of the most used when surfing the web. I will be moving back to KIS 13 until this is ironed out. WIn 7 x64 Ulmtimate, fully updated with SP1 i7 2600K at 4.73Ghz OS/Programs on Intel 520 SSD 2x4GB 1866mhz G.Skill sniper Gigabyte P67A-UD5-B3 OCZ ZX 1250W
  13. I'm experiencing the same problem with SLOW page loads on Google Chrome with KIS 2014. Furthermore, I have a problem when I boot up my PC. After windows loads, sometimes the KIS icon would stay grey and will say that it is loading files when I click it. After that it will show me a GUI and will tell me that the protection is not active. Then, I have to go to the little grey icon, right click and "RESUME PROTECTION" in order to activate the program ?!?!?!?! I'm sorry, but I am not doing this on every boot. Simply not acceptable behaviour. In the end I have rolled back to KIS 2013 and everything is perfect now. I will wait until KIS 2014 is fixed. My system specs: Intel i7 2600K Intel 520 SDD 120GB for OS/Programs 8GB (2x4gb) G.Skill 1866mhz Gigabyte P67-UD5-B3 OCZ ZX 1250W Windows 7 64 bit
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