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  1. Read this to learn more about Dos.generic.synflood http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=119632
  2. You should be able to use local group policy on that machine to do this. I don't believe this is possible with Kaspersky and I don't think it should be. To block traffic from an IP you would do this via the router or managed switch.
  3. Hello I was to participate in the beta testing of both applications. thanks & regards, Matt
  4. Thank you. We've disabled the Firewall databases options in our update task for the administration server and disabled "autodetect update list".
  5. The update task for workstations should in theory, not push out updates for components (Anti-Hacker), If the workstation does not have this installed.. Our workstations don't have the Anti-Spam component installed, and our workstations have the anti-spam outlook plug-in installed into Outlook because the administration server pushes all updates to workstations no matter what components of MP4 are installed.. Am I doing something wrong because I don't think this is ideal. Our updater task for the administration server is configured to download all updates and force them to be downloaded to the administration server for all components and modules. I believe the administration server should download these updates to it's repository, but we should be able to configure which updates are pushed out to workstations for the Global Updater task for MP4.
  6. Thank you for your assistance. I'm now in contact with KL Labs support to stop the download of the IDS Bases for our administration server, as we do not use Anti-Hacker, Firewall and IDS, have it installed for our workstations that are requiring a restart for this, and have the Anti-Hacker disabled by Policy.
  7. Okay. But we have component updates disabled for our updater task for all computers connected to our corporate enterprise network. Why are they all requesting a restart now? Is anyone else having this issue? As per the documentation from KL Labs, the mobile policy only applies to computers not connected to the same network as the administration server. Your support would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  8. Does this update require a restart of the client computer? We have component updates disabled for our global update task for MP4, so in theory, NO computers connected to our corporate enterprise network should receive this update, if it's a component update. We have component updates enabled for our Mobile policy, so computers outside our corporate enterprise network will receive component updates for MP4. I've noticed this morning that nearly all of our workstations on our corporate enterprise network are showing "Restart required to apply update". Please advise..
  9. We are not experiencing issues with this anymore, and I don't see myself enabling module updates for MP4 until Kaspersky properly test auto-patches before releasing them to business customers. It's a shame this ongoing issue hasn't been addressed formally by KL Labs. I don't mean to flame..
  10. The issue does not affect all clients with auto-patch D installed. So the testing would of taken quite some time, though still...because of this we will better pilot test these auto-patches in the future. I wonder if KL Labs will do the same.
  11. Same for us. KL Labs, can you update users with the progress of the development with this.
  12. I see you have run missed tasks enabled. Other than notifiying the users via email/message etc the only thing I can think of is WOL. Do you use WOL? aka wake on lan
  13. Lovin The Capital Letters On Each Word Here Sorry I can't help, I don't really understand.
  14. We scan workstations and servers out of office hours. Have it customized so It's not a deep scan of the PC but It would still affect performance of the PC If we were to run it during office hours. I never trusted the option "turn off computer when task completed" as I've noticed sometimes the task will accidently run during the day for a few clients. I always check the task in the morning and stop it if it over-runs the schedule. My advice, scan once a month (medium) and quick scan critical areas once a week in the afternoons. Pref fridays at lunch when the users are out the quick scan should only take a few mins max depending on the spec of the PC and whats currently running on it. Use WOL and scan out of office hours. It should work when the computer is locked, hibernated or hdd sleeping I doubt it. Test WOL first and ensure the port isn't blocked on the router etc... KL Labs changed the port WOL uses in the admin kit from 60,000 to 7. It's hard coded into the app so they won't change it back I noticed the dl speeds from KL Labs are slow. What speeds are you getting when you dl via the admin kit compared to KL Labs?
  15. From what I know: For Individual computers, it's not displayed in the properties or anywhere here. For the admin kit - reports and notifications > software version report > click on the the application name or version number hyperlink > then you will see which patch is installed on each client, it's shown under the column "Updates installed". I think It would be a good idea for Kaspersky Labs to add this information into the properties > application > select application > properties area. There is the version number and the install date, software update date and info about the databases but no info about the patches installed. Hope this helps, took awhile for me to find it....
  16. Hi Alexander, Do these patches, specifically for the server, fix any bugs with the update functionality? Thanks for your reply. Matthew
  17. How did you enter it in the trusted zone.
  18. same problem, it's caused by the latest component update "autopatch d" for MP4 v1424
  19. same problem here with the kaspersky outlook add-ins. They cause some clients outlook to crash. Kaspersky please attend to this ongoing issue.
  20. Are you aware of any plans to include this functionality in the business products?
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