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  1. i have kis and run a full scan from time to time, i must say its exremely slow, it can take a good hour or more, at the moment i am running it alongside a full scan of trends house call, i started them both together kis is still on 1% after 15 mins, and trend is on about 35% I have tried using both before and house calls seems to pick up more as well, my kis can finish and say no threats found and trend can give me maybe 1 thing its found, this has happened a few times, not a serious virus but its told me its found a trojan before yet kis has found nothing. just makes me wonder if kis is that good, over the years i have used kis a lot with one year using avast, there has been the odd time when ive had an emergency where i have got a virus, but from what i can remmeber each time it wasnt my kis that found and got rid of the problem or was some online virus scanner that and my kis couldnt sort it. james
  2. i am using my laptop as a midi controller with dj equiptment, i dont want kis to monitor or scan this application at all, what is the best way to do so? thanks james
  3. There is one thing thats annoying me a little about KIS 2012 and thats every few weeks i run an online virus scan just as an alternative to see if it picks anything up as kis always tells me my system is clean, the system is windows 7 and only recently formated (about 3 months ago) my system is running totally fine i just run scans just to make sure. i usually use trend housecall and each time i have used it to scan (about 3 times in the 3 months) it has told me i have had a trojan which kis has not noticed, i have run a complete scan with kis tonight and it said my computer is clean, and yet again trend housecall tells me i have a trojan in my computer: c:\windows\autokms\autokms.exe TROJ GEN.RC1C2G4 c:\windows\kmsemulator.exe TROJ SPNR.04EG11 So how come kis keeps missing these trojans? i am finding it a bit worrying and wondering weather kis is actually as good as i always thought it was? James
  4. kis 2011 has just popped up saying my license is about to expire and i should renew etc which i thought hmm really, i clicked close on the window that said it then kis seemed to crash then i got a msg saying kis had to restart and do i want to send a report to kaspersky. the odd thing is i have 251 days remaining, which to me doesnt mean it needs renewing that soon. is this just a odd one off bug or has anyone else ever had this? Jay
  5. Hi, i have used kis for a good few years and do like it a lot, i also have a fairly decent laptop and have only minimal programs starting at startup, baring this in mind when i restart my laptop i do sometimes find it starting up and then the kis icon taking a good bit of time to start behind everything else (usually the last thing to start) but while its in the process of starting my laptop seems to struggle starting up anything while kis is starting up. Im wondering if i could delay kis from starting by maybe 3 or 4 seconds it maybe enough time for everything else to start before kis does and then kis will start quickly without staling rather than everything trying to start at once. would this be possible, ive looked through the options of kis and couldn't find anything regarding a delay at startup although i am sure i have seen an option on older versions of kis. or is it actually dangerous to delay it starting as a virus could cause damage in the time its paused etc.. Thanks James
  6. is there any point or advantage in buying KIS 2011 from kaspersky.com when i can buy it for half the price from amazon? or are kaspersky them selfs just ripping everyone off? I am not trying to undermine kaspersky, i am just asking for a truthful answer as do i get anything more for paying double from themselfs? On amazon kis 2011 is on sale for £19.25 from 1pc / 1 year from kaspersky's own site its £39.99. I am a little dissapointed in that as i recently upgraded from 2010 to 2011 and got a small discount because i was a returning customer, but it still even with the discount would have been cheaper just buying it from amazon lol This almost makes the discount they gave pointless because they must obviously be making a woping big profit on £39.99 if amazon can sell it for £19.25 and still make a profilt themselfs! I'd just like to see if this can be justified from someone as to why its worth paying the extra from kaspersky's own site... Thanks James
  7. Hi, when you buy kis it also asks if you want to also pay for eds which meanss you can re-download the software at anytime within 2 years for £5 Am i missing something though as i thought the software was on the download section to download for free anyway? so why would anyone pay to be able to download it again when you can anyway! James
  8. Hi, i have kis 2011, i am just at the point where i need to renew my license, it runs out in 8 days, i noticed it was recommending me to but kaspersky pure, which is a little dearer than kis 2011, but only by a little amount, i looked at the features i must say it doesnt really appear worth it for the extra, i really don't know why they didn't just add that into kis 2011 and sell it as just that package, or am i missing something? Anyway just thought id see people views before updating my license, i can't say i have had any trouble with kis 2011. James
  9. JUst wondered as i get apps to put on my htc desire, i have read about some programs containing viruses or spyware, if i scan the file with kis 2011, can it search within them files to detect anything bad? james
  10. Just completed that, the link is: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...2f305d48e4e8774
  11. yes i know its a fact that it will slow thigns down a little, but when i am clicking links i am sometimes waiting about 1 minute for the site to load, this is on a lot of different sites, when i pause kis protection they all seem to load instantly, i just wondered if there is an issue in the new version.
  12. Hi, i have the above version of kis installed, i am finding when i am viewing websites, some are loading very slowly, i am often having to keep clicking reload to get them to come up, they arn't dangerous sites either, ones an online football game, i paused my kis and tried viewing the sites and they seemed to load instantly, i dont want to surf unprotected so i dont wnat to turn the web part of kis off, does anyone know if this is a known issue and is being looked at? thanks James
  13. thanks for the replies, i will be installing on a brand new laptop anyway so there wont be a version to uninstall, i still have my activation number though in an email.
  14. Hi, im getting a new laptop next week, i currently use the latest 2010 version, as i can only download kis 2011, i will be updating to that when i get my new laptop, is i save my current settings to a cfg file, will i then be able to load them settings into kis 2011, or are the 2 versions to different to load the same settings? thanks james
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