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  1. Whenever i try to update kaspersky gives me an error message "The update source does not contain the files required for updating databases". I have done all these ..... " Welcome. How do you connect to the internet? Is your internet connection ok? Is your internet connection metered? Reboot, then check system date/time correct, then Settings > Additional > Network > Proxy server > select Do Not use proxy server. Are you on battery or main power? Settings > Performance > Uncheck Battery Saving. Are you in Gaming Profile? Kaspersky Settings > Performance > uncheck Automatically disable some functionality when in full screen mode. Is your Kaspersky license expiring in a few days? If your license is a managed subscription, please click Subscription, located at lower right of the main Kaspersky window, then click the "Update subscription status" button. Then start an Update. If still no go, attach the Detailed update report. Enable Log Non Critical Events: Settings > Additional > Reports and quarantine > check Log Non-critical events. Then do an update. Main Kaspersky window, lower right, Show additional tools > right side, click Reports > upper right > Detailed reports, upper left > dropdown > Update, select the current entry > right-middle > click Details > Save icon at upper right > Save, name the file and save it somewhere and attach it to your next post. If the file is too large to upload, then zip it (right click, send to > compressed zipped folder) and upload the zip. Disable Log Non Critical Events when done. Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the fourth (4th) Important topic https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/6ce055dc1b7d41ba2305d31811275a3b update eerr.txt
  2. similar problem here except malicious scripts shows 10 Jul 09 as the database release date ..... after the current update.... all the others reporting a database release in 2010 .... exept for malicious scripts that is stuck in 2009 july
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