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  1. Hi okay you are missing the point of what i requested. Never-less you are incorrect, your apps that connect to the internet need to use the default browser which has web protection enabled. You cannot compare Samsung s3 to Samsung7 phone, as the OS is different hence installation is different but both have same security level..
  2. Okay well this is Engish speaking forum, so firstly you need to post images with text in Engish. IN your first post you relate to trial version. I suggest you uninstall Kaspersky expired trial version reinstall from Google Play Store.
  3. Seems now you are taking to insults to moderators. So this topic is now closed, i gave you link to contact kaspersky support. This topic is now closed.
  4. Hi welcome to the forum. Kaspersky internet security, scan in "Web Protection" only works in "Supported browsers" like "Chrome" and device browser "Internet"
  5. Hoilian as member "fax" has proven that link provided does work. Seems your being difficult in following tuition, I suggest you contact Kaspersky Support. https://m.kaspersky.com (this link also works)
  6. Please re-check procedures here. https://support.kaspersky.com/10560#block1
  7. Hi, is the MDM syncing with server connecting all mobile devices?
  8. Hi welcome to the forum. Try reboot the phone in safe-mode and look in app/files for "Sidekick HR", if you find it delete an reboot. In addition check your scan settings to eliminate this issue.
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum. If it is an Android device go to Google Play Store>>install kaspersky internet security<>free version<>>add activation code for <>premium<> that's it. If it's an iPhone go to iTunes store install>><>kaspersky safe browser<>
  10. Your welcome. Hi, you don't need it. As Android Nougat 7, has better app "device maintenance" for battery power control, and it is 100% effective. Thanks
  11. Hi< welcome to the forum. Kaspersky Internet Security works okay with Nougat Android 7.0 Thanks
  12. You actuallly set it from My Kaspersky Portal. https://m.kaspersky.com For your information. Full functionality is available for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets. For iPhones & iPads, you can only apply age-appropriate limitations. **Owing to restrictions within the operating system, it’s not possible to block children’s iPhones & iPads. Instead, children will see a ‘time is up’ notification – if they exceed the usage time limit set by their parent. Full functionality is available for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets. Thanks
  13. HI welcome to the forum. Please take a look here. https://support.kaspersky.com/12273#block2 Thanks
  14. Hi, welcome to the forum. Kaspersky Internet Security is designed so user can set device lock screen, with "ant-theft" settings. Maybe you need to read the help user guide. Also mobile phone device manufacturer has device lock screen. Its up to you which settings you prefer. For future posts please specify your device model plus Kaspersky Internet Version installed. Please show us what version
  15. Hi welcome to the forum. Uninstall>>reboot>>reinstall Any better