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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum. I suggest you uninstall>>rebooot>>reinstall from Google Play Store.
  2. Have you uninstalled Kaspersky and reinstalled again? as Kaspersky have recently updated the app in Google play Store.
  3. Hi welcome to the forum. Uninstall Kaspersky, reboot, go online to Kapersky Portal, remove old Kaspersky mobile licence thats connected to your phone. Go to Google Play Store download Kaspersky Security free version, then activate Premium with current Licence Key. Any better?
  4. HI as well as,, Try this>>uninstall printer hardware then reinstall should fix it.
  5. Hi welcome to the forum? Have you changed your mobile phone from the original Kaspersky Premium version download?
  6. Hi welcome to the forum. Not sure what you mean? Please give more detail in what you are doing when this happens? Example. Is google chrome set as Kaspersky default browser? :supercool:
  7. Hi,as well, Kaspersky Internet Security does not support Firefox in Android OS. Also "ad-blockers' in Android can effect the "efficiency" of browsers with Kaspersky "web protection" :supercool:
  8. Hi please contact Kaspersky support. https://my.kaspersky.com :supercool:
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum. If you sign Into "anti-theft" in phone, accept commands settings are there. To receive those commands remotely you need to "visit my kaspersky portel" this is where you can lock the phone plus other commands from there. :supercool: .
  10. As well,, Try this>>In the Address bar of the web browser, enter the Web Portal address that you received from the service provider administrator, and click ENTER, follow login instructions.
  11. Okay please give us a snapshot of Windows Console you have working and the Kaspersky Self Service Portal you want it to show in? :supercool:
  12. Ok so did you "install" the "Self Service Portal" and the "Web Console" via the Wizard? Also Server Certificates. Also is the syncing working? :supercool:
  13. Hi as well as above>> What Kaspersky is telling you it does not support Firefox Browser in Android. Your saying you add Firefox as default browser in Android. Kaspersky Security supports Google Chrome and Internet Browser in Android only. :supercool:
  14. What Portal are you relating too? Please give us a screen shot so we understand your question correctly. My fist post links your mobile to Kaspersky online Portal in devices. :supercool:
  15. Your welcome. :supercool: