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  1. Quote "richbuff" He said "But, your "kavremover" tells me that it can find no Kaspersky products on the machine, ..." Update post. It happens like most or few tools, one needs to be "specific" in what "product" they want to "uninstall" like select "all" To get the desired effect in in "uninstalling" product.
  2. Hi welcome to the forum. Can you try disable Hibernate mode? Just let "default sleep mode" operate in "power Plan" Also try create a new power plan.
  3. Hi as well as above? Not sure why you want to use AdGuard with Kaspersky Internet Security Kaspersky Internet Security is far superior in protecting your PC
  4. Hi as well as above? Try Kaspersky removal tool. https://support.kaspersky.com/us/common/uninstall/1464#block1
  5. kojo+oi

    Fix for malware

    Hi welcome to the forum. Kaspersky can do both, but the issue is how much harm has the Malware or Virus done to the phone system, Kaspersky cannot fix that. So it is best to do a device factory "reset" and let Kaspersky control them harmful tools from entering your device.
  6. kojo+oi

    Android.Triada.231 on Noa H6

    Hi welcome to the forum. How is the phone working? Is there any suspicious requests or malfunctions of apps? Constance redirection to certain places on phone? If phone as you "state" could get infected, maybe it is maybe it is not we are not mind readers. Removing a preinstalled virus is just about impossible all you can do is disable it. But it is best to do a "default factory reset" and start afresh and see how it goes, then reinstall Kaspersky from Google play store.
  7. Okay, so is everything OK now?
  8. Hi welcome to the forum. Well you could stop notification in settings. It is saying your connection is not secure. But if you are using "Kaspersky Premium" i would "uninstall" Kaspersky Secure connection. Using Google Chrome or Samsung Internet browsers should have protection enabled by Kaspersky Premium.
  9. Hi welcome. Any other browser as well as Kaspersky Safe browser? I think the file it is meant to open in Google Chrome browser. Did you do this below? CONFIGURING THE MOBILE DEVICE CONNECTION SETTINGS To ensure synchronization of mobile devices with the Administration Server before the Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile installation, you need to configure the connection settings for mobile devices in the Administration Server properties. To configure connection settings for mobile devices in the Administration Server properties, follow the steps below: 1. In the console tree, select the Administration Server to which the mobile devices will be connected. 2. Open the context menu and select the Properties command. The Administration Server settings window opens. 3. Open the Settings section. 4. In the Administration Server connection settings section, select the Open port for mobile devices check box. 5. In the Port for mobile devices field, specify the port which will be used by the Administration Server for connection of mobile devices. Port 13292 is used by default. If the check box is cleared or the port is specified incorrectly, devices will be unable to connect to the server and transmit or receive data.
  10. kojo+oi

    Kaspersky Total Security for Android

  11. kojo+oi

    License expired

    Hi welcome to the forum. You can take a look here for info. https://usa.kaspersky.com/small-to-medium-business-security/mobile-device
  12. Hi welcome to the forum. Go to<>settings <> call & text filter & <> blocked

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