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  1. Imsi Catchers

    Hi,welcome to the forum. Please contact Kaspersky Support. https://m.kaspersky.com/
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum. That can happen when you updated from trial version or free version of Kaspersky Internet Security. Uninstall Kaspersky>>reboot>>reinstall Kaspersky from Google Play Store. Then activate "anti-theft", go through the whole process, then the link "go to my kaspersky" you should see Your mobile in the "My Kaspersky Portal"
  3. Hi, have you checked in Chrome settings. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6213030?hl=en
  4. Have you tried Chrome browser? Safe Money works better in Chrome.
  5. Uninstall Firefox>>reinstall should fix that issue.
  6. All Android phones have Samsung Internet Browser installed by Default. Kaspersky Internet Security Premium version has "web protection" for Samsung Internet Browser.
  7. Hi welcome to the forum. Did you get "screen snap" Google has advertising on it's web pages. Go to settings and block "pop ups" Maybe get your mum to use Samsung Internet Browser, that has a default "add blocker" in settings.
  8. HI, welcome to the forum. Try doing it this way in Kaspersky guide below. https://support.kaspersky.com/13970#block4 Looks complicated but it is quite simple to do.
  9. Also, Try this <>Open run <>%APPDATA%<>Mozzilla<>Firefox<>Profile<>File Folder<>Extensions<>
  10. A tiny little bug

    Ok just pull down the toolbar menu and hit clear quite simple. So what about Malwarebytes progress bar?
  11. A tiny little bug

    Hi, i am of the opinion that is not a bug. Its standard practice to show Kaspersky scan notification progress bar. So just set scan time to run at night and the Kaspersky progress bar will not bother you.
  12. battery problem

    Hi, yes rebooting does use more battery power. Cannot see Kaspersky being the issue. Does your Galaxy Note 3 have the original battery?
  13. battery problem

    H, i welcome to the forum. What Model phone are you using? What Kaspersky version you have installed? Uninstall Kaspersky>>reboot>> then reinstall Kaspersky. Any difference?