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  1. Does anyone know if the online scanner scans Alternate data streams? Thanks, Decka
  2. When the heuristic is released, will it be for KAV 6 only, or will it be released as an engine update for KAV 5 too? Decka
  3. I use KAV 6 on my laptop, and am wanting to try KAV on my desktop too, it's a Windows 98 SE with 191MB RAM. I'd like to run KAV 6 on it. Does KAV 6 run as well (i.e. better than KAV 5) on old Windows 98 pc's as it does on an XP? i.e. should I try KAV 6 or would it be better to stick with KAV 5 for such an old system? Regards, Decka
  4. I'm not sure if it is the patch, like Don says you could try and uninstall it to see if it helps. I'm still working with KAV support (sending off kavlog traces and 'complete' memory dumps etc) to locate the problem, however, at the minute it is looking more and more like my firewall, Jetico Personal Firewall, may be the cause, but I'm not sure yet. Regards Decka
  5. Sorry Im a begginner in this area, there are three, each one is 756 bytes,
  6. I can't see any in kaspersky labs folder, I've searched my Hard drive and found three .dmp files, all in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump It wont let me open these though.
  7. I know these are generated when errors occur, but I've never used them before. Where are they located?
  8. I upgraded to KAV from KAV5 a few weeks ago. I noticed an error that started happening occasionally, always at the same time - when I closed browser (IE or firefox) and exited internet - I would get a windows stop error and system restart followed by a sending of error log to microsoft. I changed back to KAV 5 and this stopped. I then changed to the newer KAV and the BSOD started again. The stop error is: "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL" STOP: 0x000000D1 I checked with microsoft and found that there is a fix for this particular stop error; http://support.microsoft.com/kb/916595/ KB916595 Unfortunately installing this fix has not helped and I still get the BSOD. Further info; each time I have uninstalled KAV I use the removal tool, and Regsupreme, followed by a completely fresh reinstall, I have done this several times., so I dont think there are any traces of previous antivirus' causing this. Also, the other realtime security apps I am running are BOClean and Jetico firewall, FWIW I have disabled Jetico as I thought that may be conflicting but I still get the BSOD with jetico off. Can anyone help with this? Thanks Decka
  9. Just letting you guys know, in case it's a global issue: I am unable to use the online scanner, "License has expired" error message comes up. Regards Decka
  10. Yep, its working for me fine now in the UK too. Edit: Just tried the online scanner, but I'm getting the "License has expired" error that happened a couple of weeks ago. Decka
  11. I have also not been able to (and still cannot) access kaspersky.com for a day or so. Online from U.K and my ISP is Orange Broadband (formerly wanadoo/freeserve). It's the same regardless of whether I use firefox or IE. Decka
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