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  1. It is a major pain in the butt to not have access to my Contact list. I sure hope KIS will come up with an update that fix this problem, problem they created.
  2. Avast reg residue found and removed. K is now updated to 2009 and now I can see myself, woohoo! Thx a lot. My problem was K7, I needed a K9, woof!
  3. OK registered, run the app and here are the results my GSI report. Nothing is wrong, all unknown are veridied and safe. No conflict and I am trying to update my K7 atm but the clown is saying I have Avast 4.0 installed and it wont continue its installion of 2009. I dont have it installed, so I cant uninstall it, catch 22. Probably a register residue, I will go find it and remove it. But my problem is not on my side of the equation obviously, all worked fine before K7 and now no more network communication between the two comps.
  4. Two comps using XP Pro SP3 on a local network using a router with cable internet. Both comps have access to the internet without any problem. I installed K7 on my comp and since then I cant even see myself on my local network, so you can imagine the other computer also is blocked from me. I didn't install K7 on the second comp yet. I got admin rights but when I try to see the list of comp in the workgroup, XP tells me "X-men is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. ... The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.". I cant find the solution to my problem. Even if I turn K7 off now, I still cant see myself on the network. I am starting to block a gasket. This is blocking me big time.
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