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  1. Thanks. And what about emails? They aren't being sent anymore? I remember getting email offers before.
  2. Hello, it's been almost a year since I haven't received any news or promotions from Kaspersky's mailing service. I just wanted to check whether they still send any news and promotions or not. Do you guys receive them? I tried to subscribe here but the page doesn't work: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/subscribe Also, I keep these settings checked all the time in KIS but I'm not receiving any mails from Kaspersky: And no, the mails aren't going to spam folder.
  3. I received a renewal discount from Kaspersky but my current licence expires in more than one year from today. If I renew my licence today, will the new code be valid for activation one year from now? How long do activation codes last?
  4. Since installing KIS version 2016 on two of my computers, I noticed a large number of requests to Kaspersky server in network tab of Chrome and Firefox console. The requests never end even if the page has loaded. Has anyone else noticed the same thing? Please take a look at your network tab in developer console after loading some site, for example www.kaspersky.com. It's pretty obvious. This happens on my laptop and desktop with This is a typical request: Request URL:https://gc.kis.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/65FA126E-01AC-CB4E-B1FA-517C66730CF7/F7864D91-69B6-FC46-8C0E-F10C98FC9769/from Request Method:GET Status Code:200 Request has been forbidden by antivirus (from ServiceWorker) Browser:
  5. I have several computers with KIS installed. It would be great to have this feature.
  6. I remember there's been some talk about this feature before. Does auto upgrade work only for new builds of the same version or it also works for major version upgrades? Thanks.
  7. I think you can get your money back in the first 14 days if you bought it online from Kaspersky site.
  8. Those tools have can do no harm to your computer or identity like legitimate tools in wrong hands (remote control tools, legitimate key loggers, etc) And this is one of the reasons many people find Kaspersky a better choice for their needs. It doesn't create panic where there is none.
  9. Thanks. I wanted to send it there initially, but was confused with "infected" term.
  10. I've sent an email to newvirus@kaspersky.com with the link but I got an automated reply saying they're expecting an attachment. On MyKaspersky portal, there's an option to send an "infected" link only. So, how can one report a phishing link?
  11. Thanks. So it turns out this feature has been lingering around since version 2014 but it never got implemented. Somehow I don't have high hopes for v2016 either. The portal has been having some conflicting choices for quite a while now.
  12. Hello, can we add anything else except Total Security in "My Kaspersky" portal? I'd like to add "Internet Security" for remote management. The portal suggests it's possible, however , I haven't succeeded in doing so. Here are two simple images that illustrate my problem:
  13. Versions of KIS keep piling up but this bug remains. Can you please fix it? I reported it to tech support and I also talked on the forum about it. Nobody was ever interested in this. I will post it once again, see the image.
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