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  1. I had a similar difficulty with Firefox ... slow browsing ... to put it briefly. As it turned out, the Firefox program had become corrupted, somehow. Maybe one of the Firefox updates was interrupted ... can't really say. The solution was to go to the control panel ... programs and features ... and just delete Firefox. I think I turned the computer power off and rebooted after the delete ... just to be sure. You should be able to download a new Firefox file before you delete the one that is currently in place. The personalized settings should be retained when you reinstall the new Firefox. ... Can't say conclusively if this will solve your difficulties ... Just something to try out. This procedure completely fixed Firefox for me. No problems since the delete and reinstall.
  2. Same conclusion here: PWM does not seem to successfully complete the login and password functions on the designated web page. The PWM form page is filled out, but just does not function properly. The previous version of Firefox worked, but the newest version does not work with PWM.
  3. I had a similar issue. What seems to fix this with some success is first to uninstall the current Pure 3.0 program, except for the recommended check boxes. Then shutdown the computer. Next, reinstall Pure 3.0 ... A previously downloaded copy seems to work fine. Reboot and update the Pure files. Then, there appears to be a transient period while the program updates. After a day or so ... if I am not mistaken ...PWM and everything else works great. ... Just my experience. Suggest you try it out.
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