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  1. Turns out that there may be a conflict with Microsoft Photos app. When this is not running, there is no problem with runtimebroker.exe. Although this problem did not occur before I installed KIS, since I rarely use Photos, it's not really going to be a problem.
  2. Hi, I'm trialling KIS19 as I am thinking of going back to KIS after a couple of years' hiatus, but I do notice that (on Windows 10) the system process runtimebroker.exe is consistently using up to around 15% of my 8GB memory (according to Task Manager) whereas, before installing KIS, it was generally never using more than a few percent of memory. Does anyone else have experience of this? TIA
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if KL are some time in the future likely to provide a Kaspersky Protection add-on for chromium-based browsers other than Chrome itself? I'm particularly interested in support for Cent Browser and Vivaldi. TIA. Wilf
  4. Ha, well, KFA, being free, is not supported so my problem report has been declined - even though I've told them it happens in KIS as well and has done for for a couple of years at least. So, I've now uninstalled KFA until someone here, perhaps, is good enough to let me know when the problem has been resolved (if ever). Thank you, Flavio, for trying to help with this.
  5. Actually, on further, more extensive testing, I find that the Flickr photo uploads fail even when the Kaspersky Protection add-on for Firefox has been disabled. Same gores for Chrome. I have added this to my problem report. Meanwhile, I'm going to have to uninstall KFA for the time being.
  6. OK, I see in Web Antivirus Advanced Options I untick the option "Automatically Activate ... extension in browsers" Done that, and now Flickr web Upload works .. But it's a shame to have to disable a useful Firefox security add-on
  7. Have installed KFA just now. Flickr uploads are messed up, as before (using Firefox 59). KFA has no private browsing or antibanner options to disable. In firefox, I cannot disable the add-on ... It says disabled when I press the DisABLE BUTTON, but becomes enabled again when I restart Firefox. Any advice on how to ACTUALLY disable the add-on?
  8. Thank you for this. I have uninstalled KFA for some time precisely because of this problem. Perhaps I'll now try it again with your advice. Although it's a shame to have to disable the protection add-on.
  9. Is Comodo Firewall significantly better than the built in Windows 10 Firewall? And if so, what makes it so (in simple sentences, please!)?
  10. ... just reinstalled Kaspersky Free to double check. Still upload problems with Firefox and have now confirmed that the same problems occur with Chrome. Note that with KFA the only major facilities are File AV, IM AV, WEb AV and Mail AV
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