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  1. Thanks for your time and attention Yes i have already do this Fingers crossed now I think its lost of time if i have to manually renew the license I like the autorenew Thank you for your time
  2. Thanks for the attention, I bought the KSC license here https://www.kaspersky.com.br/secure-connect...de_17.0.0.611__ AS i think you can see , this is na oficial kaspersky page, but it does not have the option to set autorenew for the license I see the autorenew option on the us page by the link you have posted but the page that i bought KSC dont have this option My question is how to set the license i have bought yesterday to autorenew Obviously , i dont want to buy another license My kaspersky page, at least on my country , dont let me to set the license to autorenew We have a funny situation here, Most of the users sometimes want to disable the autorenew I want to enable it as its the best way for me , and i cant do that what a funny thing Any whay to help me on this? thank you
  3. Hi , I have bought two licenses , one for kts and another one for ksc I have set the kts license for autorenew process But i cant see this option for ksc Why? i cant see the reason for that since i have the option to set autorenew for kts Now i have to get my card every year just to buy it? I also cant see option to put a new license on ksc Is there a way to set all my ksc license also to autorenew? Thank you
  4. thanks for the reply As i remember i have actvated it only 3 times And please again note, on the SAME comp Now i have to write a support ticket and i know it will have a long delay to reply and solve this issue Shame to kaspersky as it not allows legitime customers actvate the product many times if needed remember i use the same machine and not trying to actvate the sam license on multiple comp Shame to kaspersky
  5. :angry: On july 2014 i have bought a TWO YEARS kis code 15 days ago, i have removed kis to make a test with avast av Now , when i tried to back to kis i have a warning about I've exceeded the maximum number of activations, Is this a kaspersky joke with the customers? My license has never been used on 2 computes, only on my computer and i have paid for it Its not a cracked license Its an absurd How tp fix it?
  6. Hello, And yes that is correct, if you rave a VALID licence code, you can upgrade from version to version until the license period I only advise you to watch for how many machines this license is valid ( 1..2..etc) Thank you
  7. with all the respect, its your opinion, not mine I whrk with computers since 1995 so i dont consider me as a novice user and even as an "old" computer user, yes i like the on access scan of files To bad the new kis have lost this feature. if I had known this a week ago, i am not have bought the product
  8. i see my firend But i am not a novice comp user and i like the on access scan of files I think if you must to try to open the compressed file in order to the av check it its an old and overpast behaviour As i said, older versions of the own kis can automatically check this files I do not consider a technological advanced, the loss of a good feature when you release a new version of the product Thank you
  9. Hi to all on this forum I have made a simple test 1..Disabled kis 15 2 Download a COMPRESSED eicar test file(.rar) 3 re enable kis 15 I suposed kis should be able to automatically detect and remove it when i try to move or open the compressed fle But kis 15 only detect it when i open the compressed file I am pretty sure older versions of kis can automatically detect and then delete this file Is this a kis 15 bug? And yes i have all the components set yo maxximum protection And yes kis is able to detect this file during a normal full scan but my point is , avast as example, can detect and delet it as soon you try to move this compressed file I was expecting the same behaviour on kis 15 Is it wrong? thank you
  10. the own kis identify this a RiskTool.win32.patcher.dk Maybe tihis is just a patch but if its the case why is kis showing allerts about this: Thanks
  11. C/PR0GRAM FILES (X86) Patch .exe -not a virus-RiskTool.win32.patcher.dk And yes i know this is a patch and infected file , i use it for test av programs Avira have deleted it automatically so why is kis only showing allerts and not clean this Thanks
  12. Hi I wonder whats wrong with kis 13 I set kis to automatically remove the infections So, during a scan, it founded 2 inf but i got the message ^not cleaned- ignored by the user^ And i have to delete the infections ^manually^ So whats wrong: I have used kis 12 and im sure it was able to automatically clean the comp AND PLEASE NOTE, again, yes i have the ¨select action automatically option checked please clarify THANKS
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