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  1. Please post GSI report. See here for details: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system/
  2. Set this 'Set up run mode for database updates' to automatic. Also check second option, it must be set to Kaspersky lab update servers. About 2018, it s most likely just a GUI bug.
  3. If I remember seeing correctly, protection settings are disabled in 2019 free antivirus, but they included System Watcher.
  4. It's not TR, it is release version that should be on official pages soon. Patch a is also integrated. I'm using TR, but after update both should be the same.
  5. Network error. Please check your internet connection. Does it happen every time? Wait some time and try again.
  6. No errors in your update log. Please check date/time on your PC. I see 24.07 in your log, and today is 23.07!
  7. No issues here, W10 15063.138 and KTS 2017 (e). Haven't tried with KTS2018 (russian TR on my laptop).
  8. Hello Did you import kaspersky certificate? Settings->Additional->Network->Advanced settings->install certificate. Close all browsers before importing. About the update, post detailed update report?
  9. Hello, You don't need them with KIS. You can install Malwarebytes free version alongside with KIS; don't install others as they might interfere with Kaspersky.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum. KIS2017 should work fine with FF50. Kaspersky protection is compatible with latest FF. Most likely system requirements on support pages hasn't been updated.
  11. Hello, I addition to previous instructions, could you try without Intel Security Assistent or / and Killer network?
  12. Could you add ability to import password database from Sticky password?
  13. Also, Both Kaspersky safemoney and Rapport are designed to protect your online transactions. You can simply uninstall Rapport and use Kaspersky Safemoney. If you do some search on this forum you will find several topics regarding this matter.
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