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  1. DKAMP - I will also submit the request for added feature - "Set all locally defined tasks to MANUAL" - let me know by reply to the forum post if you decide to do that. Did you confirm that the local tasks no longer ran at all when unchecking "Allow local tasks to be displayed and managed (except custom scan)" ?
  2. We are using CheckPoint Removable Media Encryption for encrypting USB drives... CheckPoint told us there are no compatibility issues with Kaspersky and CheckPoint - in fact, they also stated they use a Kaspersky engine for something (waiting on specifics from CheckPoint)... Oddly, as we know, this registry key suggests ZoneAlarm and the file paths (for me) have the CheckPoint file paths. Is anyone also using CheckPoint Removable Media Encryption and KES? I can foresee us having issues upgrading the KES clients...
  3. Absolutely! It is curious that Kaspersky decided to "hide" configuration settings that were previous in the policies by default.
  4. Thank you! I need to improve my searches on the Kaspersky support site! Thanks again, I appreciate it.
  5. Is anyone using KSC10 / KES10 and having a problem with Control Settings [Application Startup Control / Application Privilege Control / Vulnerability Monitor / Device Control / Web Control] not appearing in the KES10 policy? I can create a KES8 policy with the control settings but not a KES10 policy with the control settings.
  6. Typically with any client issues, we disable KAV/KES and test for the failure. If it still fails, we know it is something else. If it doesn't fail, we troubleshoot by adding exclusions and changing settings.
  7. Has anyone used the new signatures successfully - after clearing the repository? Does anyone know what the signature count should be for the working set?
  8. Also having an issue with this. Cannot access internal and external websites.
  9. The powers that be want me to compare Microsoft's AV to our current Kaspersky implementation. The unfortunate truth is free is very appealing to managment regardless of function.
  10. Does anyone have a white paper or research comparing Microsoft's Security products to Kaspersky? Has anyone gone to Kaspersky from Microsoft's Security products or vice/versa?
  11. Anything new on this topic? I can't find any good information on the support site or in the manuals.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! The only issue I see with this is sometimes those entries marked with '~' are the current entries for the devices (at least in my Admin Kit)... Not always, but most of the time. I am going to try it for a few weeks and see what I get. Thanks again.
  13. I have a web server on on my domain running an application.. The web pages does not load quickly, or at all sometimes.. I have disable Web Anti-Virus, the results are the same... When I disable File Anti-Virus the page loads as expected. When I enable File Anti-Virus AND lower the Heuristics Analysis to "low," the page loads fine. Is there a way to add an exclusion for a web address in File Anti-Virus? Adding to Web Anti-Virus does not work. Adding wildcards and the URL to Trusted zone does not work. Kaspersky AV 6.0 MP4 databases up to date as of 2/8/2012 6:41AM (EST) //edit -- there are no detections or errors in the Kaspersky logs. Filemon log does not show any locking.
  14. I am looking to pull a report that would show me the results of a task.. Example: Virus Scan Task runs once a month. I want to pull a reportafter the scan to see machines that were scanned/not scanned. KAK 8.0.2134 (I can export a list from Event and Computer Selections, but am looking for a report option, if it exists)
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