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  1. I must say this is very Well put We have 1000+ plus Kaspersky Enterpise Security Clients most of which are remote and about 1/4 of these have Becrypt Disk Encryption on them We are having to sort these on a case by case basis which is excedingly time consuming We have had to get our user support staff to connect to the machine with computer admin - and disable kaspersky in computer manager - get the user to cold boot with a power button then rdp on and remove Kaspersky with the removal tool - we then push kaspersky back on with the Console - and run updates - but at this point in time we have the Update modules part of this turned off. Kaspersky support were initially very helpful - but we are finding even though we speak to the same person - we get differing advice especially WRT the various random and as yet untested patches that are being issued. We URGENTLY need a fix ideally that includes a method of stripping the bad patches from the Admin kit - and then a module update that works
  2. My Issue is - I dont keep checking the website to find out when products are going endy of life I expect our Kaspersky Account Manager to inform us if things are going end of life or an email announcement Regarding Products and Versions - We have a Mixed Environment details below KAV For Server - on 203 Servers KAV Enterprise 6.02.555 - on 17 Server KAV 6 MP4 Server - on 27 Servers KAV for Workstations - on 798 Desktops KAV for Workstations MP4 - on 1681 Desktops KAV 8 Enterprise - on 27 Servers NAV on 3 Servers - NAV = No Anti Virus ( lol ) And Kaspersky Endpoint Security on 32 Macs So it looks like we have some work to do Saying that we do Have a new Server with Kaspersky Sercurtity Center 9 on it - with a Kaspersky man coming on Wednesday to assist on settin up rules etc for the new products - this was already planned but we did not realise that Kaspersky would stop issuing definitions on the 1st Oct!
  3. My point bing BTW - that not all of us sit on the Forums looking for updates and announcements - nor do we monitor the web site I would expect that Large businesses that rely on Kaspersky - would have this information disseminated to them via Account Managers Nothing was mentioned when we renewed for a further 3 years - at the End of August!
  4. Nothing like plenty of notice here!!! Though I have been assured that Support will Contunue till December 2013!
  5. Yes working fine now - many thanks for your swift responses
  6. MAC osx 10.7.2 (Lion) KES I should add that I have given my account admin rights - and it works fine now! But we dont necessarily want to give every Mac user Admin rights to their macs as we are control freaks!
  7. I have Installed Kaspersky onto a MacBook Pro it installed fine - and will talk to our Adminserver for updates and sheduled scans However if I log onto the MAc with another account - the icon is missing - from the menu bar - and If I try to fire up the application it tells me that I cannot open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete! Is this just because this version does not support multiple accounts? I should add that I installed under a local account but am logging onto the mac with a AD network account...
  8. Ah just realised what you asked When looking in the extracted Install Folder for KAS for Mac - The Admin Console Plugin Folder was blank! - So I assumed it did not need one! Ovbiously wrongly I have now installed the one you supplied and..... Its Still Russian We are using Admin Kit 8.0.2163 And Plan to upgrade in the New year to 9
  9. When viewing a Client Computer running Kaspersky Enpoint security fo MAC in Admin Kit The Task pane lists the tasks in Russian! My russian is a tad rusty ..... is there a way I can have it in english?
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