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  1. For this issue yes. If you are having this same issue just call it in and you will get the fix. You won't know if you have the problem until you run the upgrade. Don't know if you can call in and get it and run it before. That's a question for Kaspersky.
  2. Kaspersky support sent me a batch file to run against the DB. It fixed the issue. I don't want to post it just incase they are testing and don't want to screw up other peoples install. If you are having the issue just call them up and ask for it. Thanks Kaspersky for the quick turn around.
  3. I also put in a ticket with support. Ticket number INC000004213881. I searched the forums and other users are having the same issue. The topic is in Russian. I have translated some of it but no one seems to get it fixed and they are reverting back.
  4. Doing an upgrade to 10.1 from 10.2 and keep getting an error "Error while installing: Generic db error: "3726 'Could not drop object 'nac_hosts' because it is referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.' LastStatement='IF([dbo].[upgd_if_table_exists]('nac_hosts')<>0) DROOP TABLE nac_hosts;"". Anyone come across this? Thanks!!!
  5. Hello!!! Is anyone else having issues with the update the repository task intermittently not working? Meaning the task runs but timesout? I have it running every three hours but it may timeout and not update at all twice a day at random times of the schedule. I have recreated the task and emptied the repository several times. Thanks!!! Andrew
  6. Hello!!! Is any one having and issue with KAV for Workstations causing PC's to lock up. Just stated today at 12 noon. Thanks!!! Andrew
  7. I noticed in the repository there were admin kit updates pushed out today. What were they? Do they get applied automatically? How do I know if they get applied? Thanks!!!
  8. Firewall rules both times. I guess it needs an reboot to take effect.
  9. I am also getting this on cnn.com. Same site. Either its a false positive or they are using an AD site that is know for phishing attacks.
  10. If you are using version 6.0.1591 of the admin kit then it isn't supported anymore. I was having an issue were the updates would intermittently stop and I would have to run the job manually to get it working again. I was told to update to version 8 but couldn't do it at this time so I updated to version 6.0.1710 which is supported to September of 2011. It is an easy update and you don't have to change anything on the clients. Just make sure to do a backup before you upgrade. Thanks!!!
  11. Just about 2 hours ago I started receiving this from my admin kit. It is the job that pulls down the updates. I run it every hour. My internet connection is fine. Does anyone else have an issue pulling the updates or does anyone know what this means? The task has been running fine up until 8:15 EST. Event Task "Download Updates for AV" failed happened on computer Administration Server <XXXXXXX> in the domain XXXX at Tue Mar 02 09:15:00 2010 Transport level error communicating with '': timeout expired. Thanks!!!
  12. Hello!!! I am just getting an opinion. How many people out there use Proactive defense? Seeing posts here that it slows things down and it really shouldn't be used in a corporate environment. I have uninstalled it on my machine and I do notice a pickup in speed. Do you lose anything in protection by not using it? Do you use it in a mobile profile only? Thanks for your reply!!! Andrew
  13. I just talked with support today and they said it was an IDS update that caused the restarts. Thats why the servers didn't reboot because they don't have the IDS component. It wasn't a module update.
  14. Also KAV still says hotfix I. That hasn't changed.
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