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  1. When? When firefox 37 or 39 will have already been issued?
  2. 1. I did. I have been using PURE since the very fist version was issued. I installed PURE 3.0 over the last version of PURE 2.0. with some problems. I had to use kavremover to uninstall PURE 2.0. 2. I get the same error sequentially. It does not matter how many times in a row I click "Create new vault". The software can not create a new vault and indicates the same error offering me either to create a new vault or select another file.
  3. Trying to unlock Password Manager after installation PURE 3.0, every time I get a message shown below: Clicks "Create new vault" cause the same error. PW does not work. Windows 7 64. edit: attach snipped png sted extremely huge img of entire desktop.
  4. I am confused a little bit. I have been using KMS for one year. Now an old licence has gone. I decided to renew the licence and found pretty funny offer from Kaspersky Lab. If I renew the licence, I will pay 14,95 USD. But at the same time if I buy a total new one, I will pay 9,95 USD. This is at least strange policy in relation to old customers, who already brought money to the company.
  5. I'm dumbfounded pretty much. Two months already passed since Windows 8 has been officially released on the market. Pre-releases were issued many months ago. But up to now Kaspersky Lab did not issue an update for Pure 2.0 completely supporting new OS. Firewall does not work. Password manager does not work properly as well. My tension is almost gone. I have been using Kaspersky products for many years, but it seems like it is time to find something else.
  6. Ok. 1. This is the screenshot of opened Google chrome. Look at the right-upper corner. The password manager is indicated as locked. 2. This is the screenshot of Password manager settings. Google Chrome is marked as supported browser. 3. This is the screenshot of Google Chrome properties. Password manager plug-in is enabled, but the password manager in the right-upper corner is indicated as locked. Any ideas?
  7. I have installed this patch http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=248800 but Pasword manager does not work in combination with Windows 8 and Google Chrome 23 anyway. The Password Manager button in the right upper corner ofthe Google Chrom is always red.
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