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  1. You have to install KSC10SP2MR1 to manage KES10SP2. See https://support.kaspersky.com/13513#block5.
  2. I uploaded the files to INC000008255408. Scan task started at 9/18/2017 9:15:14 AM.
  3. When a USB drive is first plugged in, driver gets installed, KES scans quickly (about 20 sec) and it works fine but if it's ejected then plugged in again to the same port, scan runs longer (about 5 min) then throws a processing error like the one below and the drive would be inaccessible--shows "Folder is empty" in Windows Explorer even though it isn't. The drive shows up as a removable drive, online, healthy and assigned a drive letter in Disk Management but when the scan finishes it changes to "Unallocated". Same error is produced with or without pf3064 and whether action is set to Quick or Detailed Scan. Product: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (Workstation protection) Version: Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 x64
  4. Open a CompanyAccount ticket, https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/account/login and ask for pf3064. I installed this fix and now it does not allow the user to stop the scan. The link below indicates pf3063 but it has been updated since to pf3064.
  5. You have to enable password protection for this work. Open your KES policy > Advanced Settings > Application Settings > Password protection > Settings > Enable password protection.
  6. The instructions in the link below is for KES8 but it's quite similar in KES10. It will prompt for a username and password if password protection is enabled. https://support.kaspersky.com/us/7373
  7. I disagree with eliminating the password protection. I have users that don't like having any antivirus on their computer and will remove it if they can. Eliminating the password prompt like you're suggesting would make it easy for them to remove KES and expose their computer and the rest of the network to malware.
  8. Check the "Delete the device from the group if it has been inactive for longer than (days)" setting. Go to "Managed devices" > Properties > Devices.
  9. >>>I was told previously that the policy also manages the policy. is this correct? Yes, you're correct. I was thinking at first that you were referring to KES10SP2.
  10. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Linux File Servers: Maintenance Pack 2 Critical Fix 4 was released June 13, 2017. Full version number is http://support.kaspersky.com/us/13738 This topic can be closed.
  11. Yes, those can be applied to the Quick Virus Scan also. Basically, the only difference between a quick and a full-system scan is the scope of the scan. In a quick scan, you're only scanning the critical areas of the OS, e.g. boot sector, memory, system folder, etc.
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