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  1. You need to do the following: uninstall all versions of KAV. In Kaspersky Anti-Virus distributive change the following in setup.ini: CmdLine=REINSTALLMODE=vaums REINSTALL=ALL RELEASE=1 LANGID=1 to CmdLine=REINSTALLMODE=voums REINSTALL=ALL RELEASE=1 LANGID=1 Save the file and run installation. Should work now. This actually did the trick here. Just in case someone else is running into this issue.
  2. Ich habe das auch bei einigen Clients aber mit w2k03 und Version 5.0.50. Aber nur bei 3 clients. Keine Ahnung wieso...
  3. Thx for your help but this is definately no solution. We paid a lot of money for this software and therefore I expect it to be professionel. Obviously it isn't. And sorry KAV has been a pain in the a.. so far. Nothing as troubles. Email scan is still not working and it has a lot of other bugs and issues. I will change to a more professional product soon. Also that noone of KAV ever replied to this says all for me. Good luck with it, I'm done.
  4. In my case disabling the email-check was enough, but with point 2 and 3 you will sure gain some performance... It's not fixed in 5.0.200 btw... I'm beginning to be very disappointed with the SMB solutions of kasperksky it's not what i would expect from the technical aspect and from the support aspect...
  5. Uninstall didnt reboot if i remember correct but you should be able to do a reboot with the shutdown command i provided, it's included in windows...
  6. Try to do an uninstall via the adminkit and then reinstall 5.0.200 that way it worked here (you might have to reboot them manually shutdown /r \\machine helps). Installing it over 5.0.177 killed 8 clients here. Be careful better stick to 5.0.177 for now.
  7. Well I helped myself and fixed the clients (8 of 52) with the windows cd which took quite some time. Thanks a lot to the kaspersky hotline which was indeed very unhelpful telling me that i should write an email, hahaha. Damn do they think I volunteerly work on saturday evening or what... btw the error was STOP c000021a .... windows logon process ... According to m$ a severe error caused by a third party application (kaspersky) which is not so easy to fix...
  8. We had exactly the same problem. In the preferences just untag the mailboxes so they dont get scanned. Kaspersky wasnt really helpful at this issue. Maybe it's better with 5.0.200 but to be honest installation just killed 6 clients here, nice weekend ...
  9. Hello After I tried to upgrade the clients in the network to version 5.0.200 several machines become unusable. They just reboot continously. Any workaround for this? I'm a bit upset right now because of this...
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