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  1. OK, found it in the last column. I looks like I am missing quite a few. Will deploy those manually.
  2. Hi, we received a private fix from Kasperksy to correct a certain problem on x86 machines. How can one check if the patch is applied? I can see it on the client in the Kasperksy GUI but I cannot seem to find it the KSC. Also, my other inventory programs do not show the applied patch. I had put all the (x86) systems in a specific group and targeted the patch on this group. As far as I can tell right now, not all systems have the patch applied..
  3. I have two groups of computer groups for my servers. One with Servers that have Kaspserksy for Windows Server 10.0 Server installed and one group with computers for Kasperksy for Windows Server 10.1 installed. As soon as I move a server from the "old" to the "new" group the software is automatically upgraded. Now that I have installed the 10.1 Kasperksy for Servers edition on all my servers it was time to update my mailbox servers. Unfortunately I was not able to move these machines to the new group :-) I think I also know the reason why. The two servers are in a Data Availability Group (DAG). Just to be sure so that I do not break anything. I have not done this before. How would one move and update computers that are grouped in a DAG group? Move them both at the same time?
  4. Well, it looks like I got something to do :-) I want to thank you for your help so far. This is much appreciated
  5. I can confirm that after almost 2 hours CPU utilization on both servers is getting back to normal. I have looked back on my trends and have never encountered such a high load on the server. Thanks... What if I would update to version 1.1 That would contain all previous fixes right?
  6. This is what currently is installed. I want to emphasize that the servers have not been touched yet. Just the clients.
  7. Thanks. I guess I misunderstood. Thought you mentioned disabling the clients. I disabled Server security 10.0 on the two mailbox servers. Hard to tell if this makes any difference. CPU goes up and down with very high spikes. It isn't as busy as an hour ago but still quite a significant load. It is almost looks like a scan of various mailboxes has started and does not want to stop until it has finished.
  8. Never done this to be honest. How can you do this? Simply disable all components in the policy?
  9. Yes, this is correct. I DO NOT however have the Exchange component installed. (For example Security 9 for Exchange) Also, I do not see evidence that Kasperksy is causing the load on the server. It is like the clients are massively contacting the Exchange database. We have many "online" mailboxes (non-cached).
  10. I have about 60% of my servers upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1. The Exchange Servers have not been done yet. Will this make any difference?
  11. Hi, we are seeing high CPU utilization on both our mailbox servers (Exchange 2013) after we have deployed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 to various workstations. The process ParserServer.exe goes into high CPU. I have disabled the mail Threat preventation functionality for now but still seeing high CPU load (100%) Most likely the high CPU on the mailserver is due to the deployment of KES11. Can you help understand why? Kind regards, Remko de Koning Created incident : INC000009289760
  12. I realize that this can be done. However, when I resotre the entire database I will probably do more damage this way. Lots of changes during the last backup. I only need this one policy.
  13. I have deleted a KSC workstation policy on accident. The policy had some important settings in it. I have plenty of server backups of the KSC server. Is there a specific file I can restore in order to restore the policy or is the policy stored in the database? I do have a copy of the policy for version 11 but I need it to be for version 10 SP2 As far as I know I can only import from old to new and not from new to old. Any advice is appreciated.
  14. OK, we found a discrepancy. I was looking in the database of Kasperksy itself. There is also a similar table in the master database. This is how it is configured.
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