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  1. Kaspersky Workstation 5.0.225 English version Haven't tried doing it in safe mode because i'm doing the work remotely. i've tried excluding *.pst in objects to be excluded but it still gets hung up on the file.
  2. The Scan my computer hangs on an object called {BAD NAME} anytime a scan is run. I've checked the setting "save all messages to report" but cannot figure out if i'm viewing the right report or how to open it. any help is appreciated. thanks.
  3. I have several clients that are running the following: Admin Kit v 5.0.474.0 Network Agent v 5.0.474.0 Workstation AV 5.0.228 I'd like to upgrade the Admin Kit to version 5.0.1152 I was trying to find some documentation on doing this but couldn't find any. i am wondering what an upgrade consist of. 1. if i upgrade the Admin Kit, do i also have to upgrade the Agent or will the current version communicate with the new Admin Kit? 2. I'm assuming the current version of the workstation AV will function with the new components. this right? Thanks for the help.
  4. yes, i did delete those.. I still get the problem where i try to manually start the update task and the Kaspersky Admin kit freezes and stops responding. i also tried manually downloading the updates and then pointing the task at the folder but the mmc still freezes.
  5. I have a client that is currently using the following products: Kaspersky Administration Kit V 5.0.474.0 Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations V 5.0.228 Kaspersky Network Agent 5.0.0474 Now, if i want to update the Admin Kit to the newest one, V 5.0.1152, what else will i need to update? I'm currently having some severe trouble with the current version. All clients machines update off of the Admin server. Trouble is, the admin server will no longer update. The last AV defs are from 6/30. If you try to manually run update on the Admin Server, the admin kit mmc freezes and you are forced to close it. so i need to get these updating but have been unable to find much info on the subject. i figure updating to the newest version is my only option at this point. Thanks.
  6. the problem is that i'll have to update the admin kit, the net agent, and the wkst AV. i work as a consultant and it's kind of hard to justify the cost to my clients when there is only one machine having a problem. i'd rather know why this problem is occuring and how to avoid it.
  7. Kaspersky Antivirus for Workstations v 5.0.228 Network Agent v 5.0.0474 The machine has slowed down to a crawl. After doing some digging, there are over 65,000 tmp files located in the NetAgent directory under the Kaspersky Labs program folder. They are in the format dmp**.tmp where the stars are the counters. I've been using these same 2 product versions on multiple machines and this is the first i've seen this. I've uninstalled and re-installed both programs. The tmp files seem to show up when the Antivirus scan is run. i'm going to remove the netagent and see if that helps but this will leave the machine unmanaged, so i'd like to figure out why this is happening. Thanks for any help.
  8. I'm trying to locate the trusted riskware setting in admin kit v. 5.0.1149 whil editing a policy. In previous versions of the admin kit, that was a tab on the policy page that came up when i went in to edit the policy. I'm trying to add in the program VNC as trusted riskware. From what i've found on the site, i should be adding in this: not-a-virus:RiskWare.RemoteAdmin.WinVNC* I just can't find where to add it in. And is that the only thing i need to do to avoid the problems with VNC? Thanks for any help.
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