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  1. Hi! Thanks for your Tip. But the klsrvswch just wants same patches folder (wusfiles) and defines the Useraccount for KSC and do not touch the KLSHARE Folder. I think its best to reinstall. This is a smaller office, and shouldn't take too much time Thanks for your efforts anyway regards
  2. Thanks for the Hint! I did this and got following error (when the directory extists): Failed to change the status of the shared folder. I get nothing back, and nothing happens when the directory does not exist. Permissions are OK, i have UAC disabled and i have Administrator Rights. I do not see errors in the Eventlog of the System or Kaspersky Event Log.
  3. I only see "network" when clicking on "modify" Button in shared folder path. - No local path. Should i create a new share and set it to the UNC path?
  4. Hello! I want to export and import Kaspersky Standalone Packages. (or even better to share them across multiple KSC Servers) Is there a way to do so? I did not found a way... regards
  5. Hello! I want to move the KLSHARE folder from its default directory in %programfiles(x86)%\...\... to D:\klshare because of DiskSpace. In the KSC Konsole in "Properties:Advanced:Administratrion Server shared folder" there is a Path to the shared folder, but i want to change to D:\klshare and not the UNC path from Client view. Where do i find this setting? Do i have to backup and reinstall? regards
  6. Thanks for your reply. I detected, that just overlooked the hidden files.... There were actually some files in the Programdata\adminkit folder, and the missing files from eventlog where related to the custom drivers for PE-Image. My solution: I re-added all the custom drivers for PE image and waited some time and now it solved my problem. They PXE agents are now in status "READY" Thanks for your efforts anyway!
  7. Hi! I use Kaspersky Security Center 10.2.434 (patch d) I have problems with the PXE Server. When i want to assing a PXE Server (Manage the list of PXE servers in the network) the Assigned devices are stuck in Status Getting Started.... I tried rebooting Clients / Server, removing AVP but nothing helped. I found in the Eventlog files of KSC Server following hint: Can't register pxe server: #1181 (3) Error 1181/0x3 ('System error 0x3 (The system cannot find the path specified.)') accessing file system object 'C:\ProgramData\Application Data\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\drivers\90792a0a-190d-4dc9-a2fa-5e67c1bdf5a3\*.inf'. However, there is in real no such file or directory. C:\programdata\kasperskylab is empty ? Please Help me im totally stuck how to fix this!
  8. Thanks a lot for analyzing and claryifying its a false positive. The Event does not appear after Signature update! For me the issue is now solved.
  9. Yes the issue is resolved, i get now successfully "Completed with Error" when my .bat file sets an specific return code.
  10. RTMF did the Trick. In the Kaspersky Security Center Implementation Guide its described: TRANSFERRING APPLICATION INSTALLATION RESULTS TO KASPERSKY SECURITY CENTER After you have created the application installation package, you can configure it so that all diagnostic information about the results of the application installation is transferred to Kaspersky Security Center. For installation packages of Kaspersky Lab applications, transfer of diagnostic information about the application installation results is configured by default, no additional configuration is required. To configure the transfer of diagnostic information about the results of application installation to Kaspersky Security Center: 1. Navigate to the folder of the installation package created by using Kaspersky Security Center for the selected application. The folder can be found in the shared folder specified during Kaspersky Security Center installation. 2. Open the file with the .kpd or .kud extension for editing (for example, in the Microsoft Windows Notepad editor). The file has the format of a regular configuration .ini file. 3. Add the following lines to the file: [setupProcessResult] Wait=1 This command configures Kaspersky Security Center to wait for setup completion for the application, for which the installation package is created, and to analyze the installer return code. If you have to disable the transfer of diagnostic data, set the Wait key to 0. 52 4. Add the description of return codes for a successful installation. To do this, add the following lines to the file: [setupProcessResult_SuccessCodes] <return code>=[<description>] <return code 1>=[<description>] … Square brackets contain optional keys. Syntax for the lines:  <return code>. Any number corresponding to the installer return code. The number of return codes can be arbitrary.  <description>. Text description of the installation result. The description can be omitted. 5. Add the description of return codes for a failed installation. To do this, add the following lines to the file: [setupProcessResult_ErrorCodes] <return code>=[<description>] <return code 1>=[<description>] … The syntax of these lines is identical to the syntax for the lines containing successful setup return codes. 6. Close the .kpd or .kud file by saving all changes. Finally, the results of installation of the user-defined application will be registered in the logs of Kaspersky Security Center and then shown in the list of events, in reports, and in task run logs.
  11. Hi! I created a custom installation package which is running from a ".bat" file. (IN KSC "Create Installation Package for specified executable file") I want to give back return code so I wrote In batch script an "exit 1" on a specif condtion. When i start the task from custom installation package the task is stuck in Kaspersky Konsole (Status: Running 32% ; Description: Setup Started) On the Endpoint the tasks is finished and the .bat file already exited. I'm using KSC 10.2.434 and Agent 10.2.434 (Patch D) with Advanced License Is there a way to reveive that return code? Does Kaspersky Server only gets the Event "Successfully Installed" when exit 0 is specified?
  12. I updated to and still get same Message. But good message: I finally smacked that .dll up !!! What I did was (if someone interested): 1) Grabbed a Test Sytem 2) Set NTFS ACL on Folder "C:\windows\temp" to Deny the Delete Actions for NT-Authority\System, to prohibit deletion of DLL. 3) After next Event Triggered by the Endpoint the files where left over for copying I uploaded the .DLL with Password Virus for you strange_dll.zip
  13. I'm not sure if i understand you correctly: With report i connected to one of the Clients via GUI and Saved the related events (These are the same events as i get with Emailnotifications from Kaspersky Security Center) 25.01.2016 05:38:06 Probably infected object detected File Anti-Virus PolicySync %COMPUTERNAME% Initiator Detected: not-a-virus:HEUR:RiskTool.MSIL.Tpyn.gen C:\windows\temp\b5qgcpwp.dll 30043900 1453691880 855638016 25.01.2016 11:09:38 Probably infected object detected File Anti-Virus PolicySync %COMPUTERNAME% Initiator Detected: not-a-virus:HEUR:RiskTool.MSIL.Tpyn.gen C:\windows\temp\fzomqdwi.dll 30043900 1453705380 855638016 Is this the Information you requested or do i have to provide something different? Its think its probably a false positive, but since Landesk was hacked and sourcecode+build server maybe compromised, i want to be extra sure. http://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/11/breach-...n-firm-landesk/ I also do not find any information what the "HEUR:RiskTool.MSIL.Tpyn.gen" does ,except things are obvious from name (its form heuristic and its a MSIL/.net language)
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